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Hi all

Got a bit of a problem finding nursing bras in my size i am currently 38G but think i may be bigger now does anyone know where i can get bras in this size or bigger from?


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  • Bravissimo do big sizes! I'm a 34GG and get mine from there.
  • i know (sorry rant coming up) - what is the point in nursing bras (when your boobs obviously get bigger during pregnany) being the same size as average normal sized bras e.g. 32B, 34B and 34C cups that is all i can find in mothercare. waste of time.

    Marks & Spencer do bigger sizes as well but they were ??25.

    i was a 36E before i started!!!!! so now they are neaerly 38 F or possibly G.image
  • Ooh glad someone asked. Im normally a 30G but am now a whopping 30H. Anyone have any clues as to where i can get a couple of baby friendly hammocks??? lol xx
  • Mothercare do go up to a J cup, but you may have to order them online as all stores don't stock the bigger sizes.
  • thank god someone asked this. i was a GG cup beforehand and have gone through so many bras since being pg gonna go and getmeasured the last couple of weeks. does it not piss u off ladies that just cos we have lg bosoms we have to buy bras at a stupid price? my super skinny sister buys hers at ??4 a pop from primark (humph)!!
  • I know its not fair is it! I would love to be able to walk into primark and pick up a pretty bra for ??4!
    Its annoying, I've brought one bra from bravissimo for now but I think they may have gone up to an H so will go and get measured again a few weeks before baby is due.
  • my mothercare stocked the bigger sizes, last time I needed a 44ff and I'm sure I got it from there, sadly this time I need a 36b, on the plus side it did only cost ??3 in the debenhams sale, still I'd rather have some boobs LOL!
  • hi girls - do any of you live nr manchester / oldham / ashton?
    we have a woman who comes to our hospital who is known as ......."The Bra Lady"!! i dont know if that is her official name, or just what we call her, but she will measure you herself then get order bras for you.
    if any o fyou are interested, let me know and i will get her number for you
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