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CD34 and no af!!!!

girlies im going mad!!!! CD34 and no af and did a first response HPT and its a BFN!!!!!!! how long do i wait to go to docs, im always so regular!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!! Vix xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:\?


  • How long is your cycle usually? I would wait and test again in a couple of days, sometimes bfp's just take their time to register. Or you could go to docs and ask for blood test. xx
  • CD35 usually 31 day cycles but never longer! is just so annoying my friend is in labour at the mo and i was at the hospital with her yest and we saw this new born baby and i just started crying!!! i just either want to know im pg or get af so we can try again!!! xxxxx
  • Oh babe come on PMA PMA. It's good thing really that the witch has not found you but I know what you mean either way you just want to know. Sometimes BFP do take a while to show up so PMA okimage

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