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I'm struggling this week

My lo has always been clingy and grizzly, but things had really improved since he hit the 4 months mark. We were having lots of playtime and he would be happy to just sit in his buggy or would go to sleep when out. He was sleeping 8.30 to 6 with one feed. We started weaning at 5 months as he was obssesed with our food and getting more hungry. Started very slowly with baby rice at lunch and now he's on veg at lunch with milk throughout the day. The sleeping was getting better, he even slept through one night (finally!) But a couple of days ago it all changed again, he's waking loads in the night, grizzles all day. He'll fall asleep on the floor or in his chair but after 20 mins he wants to be held to sleep. We changed his milk to hungry baby yesterday, no difference yet. I had post natal depression very early on but got through it quickly with meds and good hubby support, and I'm scared I'm going back that way now. I'm starting to resent my son as I'm so exhausted physically and mentally. He's desperate to crawl but gets to frustrated that he ends up hysterical he can't do it. HELP!

Debbie and Joshua (23 weeks)


  • could it be he's teething? my lo is 6months and occassionally we have very bad days purely down to his poor ickle gums. i find teething gel works great but he will sometimes just constantly fuss to the point he'll refuse even his dummy (until gel on gums) Also if he's desperate to crawl then it may well just be frustration and it will pass. i really hope it is something simple but if yu think he could be under the weather it may be worth getting him checked over for peace of mind. good luck
  • I think could be teething too as ours getting grizzly and is 4 1/2 months old.
  • hmmm i wonder if thats the prob with my LO cos he is exactly the same at the moment! x
  • Sounds exactly like Cole..he's almost 5 1/2 months and we think its teething.. the night grizzling we think is because he can;t settle into a deep enough sleep to stay asleep because his teeth hurt. We now give him calpol before bed and it seems to help. We;ve also started giving hungry baby milk before bed which also seems to help, oh and teething gel before the bottle too.

    As for the frustration when crawling and stuff.. cole is exactly the same - he wants to do more than he can. We've just got him a door bouncer and he loves it because he can 'stand' on his own without help and move around.. and also hopefully it'll tire him out to sleep better!

    Good luck
  • I know it sounds strange but it could be that you have started weaning too early. I read about this in Gina Fords contented baby book. A couple started weaning their baby when 5months and a few weeks after the baby started to get wingy so they also introduced the milk for hungrier babies but this made it worse.

    Gina Ford says the baby started to winge more because it was too much for the babies digestive system to cope with and told the couple to go right back to normal, with normal formula and no food. Just a thought, maybe you could look at her book-im sure thats what it said anyway!!

    good luck, hope thinhs improve x
  • was this by any chance after he had his 3rd lots of jabs hun? xxx
  • I personally dont think its because you have started to wean early sounds like teething hun, deffo get out some teehing gel or powders and try that.
    We also have a door bouncer and its great, Holly loves it and will spend ages in it. I hope things get better for you soon xxx
  • I'm sorry I think Gina Ford talks some right rubbish at times. I weaned my daughter at 5 1/2 months and after whinging for a day she got used to solids, I wish I'd weaned her at 5 months to be honest and she's a preemie, so her digestive system would be even less developed. It sounds more like teething or he might have picked up a small virus that makes him feel a little grumpy, especially if he's sleeping more.
  • It sounds like teething to me too, and its hard not to feel down and a bit tired and grizzly yourself when your lo is being upset and awkward. Maybe someone could have your lo for a few hours or overnight so you (and your hubby if you want) can have a break from lo and get some rest and peace? As much as we love our lo's to bits, at times we need a break from them and a bit of time to ourselves. I hope you and your lo are feeling better soon hun xx
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