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Advice please!

I have been having regular 28 day cycles since coming off the pill a couple of months ago... Have been guessing when im ovulating! My AF came on Saturday(31st may) so it has only been 5 days! Ive been getting slight period like pains so thought id try an ovulation test(recently bought).... It came back positve! Is this possible? So soon after start of period.... Advice would be much appreciated! Thankyou x


  • Hi hun i'm not so sure but i have used ovulation tests and i don't find them to be very effective but i have heard that the clear blue digital fertility monitors are suppose to be good and was really thinking of buying one at the end of the month but they are between ??100 and ??130 i no it is a little expensive but one of my friends has got one used it twice [2 months] and she is now pregnant and she swears by it.
  • You can get a positive on ov sticks early, but not sure about as early as 5 days. When did af finish?? Was it definitely af with red bleed? Ov sticks can pick up pg, which is why I ask.... xx
  • Why don't you bd anyway it can't hurt!
  • You can ovulate early, but earliest i have read is about CD7. The only thing with ov tests is that the test line must be as dark as control line to be positive.

    Good luck xx
  • could you be pg, and the "period" be implantation bleeding?
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