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AF finished already or is playing games with me???

Well ladies, af finished yesterday evening, making it less then 2 days!?! I think it may be paying with me like K and it's going to come back to haunt me some time over the next few days! I just hope it doesn't happen while i'm in the middle of a wood paintballing tomorrow!!! x


  • you might be ok, my AF since coming off the pill have been very light and shorter!
    but saying that if it does reappear it may be the excuse your needing if your getting brusied & battered at the paintballing!!! lol!!!
  • I really hope you have finished honey I have stopped as well though who knows what will happen in a day or two or the next time I bd. i am worried about bding again in case it starts me off again? Really really odd as I still have pains in my belly now and then and a back ache. how are you feeling?

    K xx
  • Yeah that's true, I might just use that excuse anyway, even if it doesn't come lol x
  • I feel okay but I do have a little bit of back ache as well. I really wanted to bd last night but after what happened to you I was a bit nervous about it and oh is really funny about doing it when there's a chance there might be blood involved, although to be honest that doesn't really bother me at all, it is killing me though as I am a bit of a bd-aholic lol. If everthing is still clear tonight we might give it a go and see what happens x
  • I know i am just the same i love sex but hubby is not the same though since taking Zine he has been up for it more and thats why we have being doing it, though there was no blood there at all or i would not have done it as we are both a little funny a bout it. i have no idea where i am now no blood but like a small and i mean very small amount of like brown mush.

    I think i am due to Ov next friday and wed I should be fertile as well so i wanted to satrted it off from this saturday and then bd every two days but i am soooo worried i will start to bleed again?

    K xx
  • Well luckily oh is just the same as me and loves it just as much as me, after all he is 5 years younger then me lol! x

    I also have a bit of brown stuff but not a lot, i'll see how we get on tonight, we have to bd tonight (providing I don't start again) as I won't see him until Sunday, he is going to Blackpool with the rugby lads for an end of season do and after paintballing I am staying over at a friends so I need to get rid of my frustrations before then lol x
  • You get on it girls hee hee i hope you don't bleed babeimage

  • Well i'll keep you updated and you do the same x
  • Will do honey image

    I pray we get our BFP this month.

    k xx
  • That would be great if we both got it at the same time x
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