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Baby monitors?

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to ask for everyone's recommendations for baby monitors as there are so many i'm getting baffled! The only point i've been told is that its best to get a digital one due to interference problems with others, is this right?

Is it recommended to get one with a movement sensor too?

Any help much appreciated as its the next thing left to buy and i'm lost!


Ruby x


  • i have got the tixylix one was a tenner from the chemist.. we have never had ne problems with it. no inteference i think its fab and it is a bargain at only ??10!!!
  • Hi
    We have a Tomy Walkabout Premier Advance as my sister had one and recommended it. We are quite pleased with it but we do sometimes get a lot of interference on it which can be frustrating, but on our little estate there are a lot of babies so I don't know if it's because everyone has one! It seems to work better if we leave it in the cradle. Otherwise it is good and the sound is quite clear. I do wish we had got the Tomy digital one though as the monitor was a present from my boss and he asked me to choose what I wanted!!

    I have heard from other mums that the BT digital one is good. I think it can play lullabies. Not sure of the model though but I'm sure you could find it.

    Hope that helps x
  • Yes I have hear lots of good things about the BT one and this is the one we were going to get however we changed our minds and got the Tommee Tippee one with the sensor pad and now we really regret it!! We get loads of interference and we have heardly used the sensor pad as it makes a stupid bleeping noise everytime lo moves and keeps her awake.

    Definately get a digital one, I think they are priced pretty well on Amazon at the moment.
  • WE too have the BT one - I think it's a 150 or something, that's the model number it was about 60 quid but it is FANTASTIC and well worht it I am veyr glad we got it - you can also plug in an ipod to play music to lo which I thought we would never use that feature but actually we have!
  • We also have the BT digital one - haven't actually used it yet as LO isn't here yet, but i thought it would be worth a mention if you're thinking about getting one to look on ebay for them, we saved a small fortune xxx
  • Charlie we also have the bt 150 but didnt know you could plug your ipod into it. How do you do it? lol xxx
  • We have a phillips/avent one which is very similar to the BT one. They do a very similar one with no thermometer and lullabies which should be ??60 but some branchs of ASDA have them in at ??40. The model number is 498.
  • We have a video monitor from Summer. It's fantastic although something I would not have bought for myself - it was a present. It's great because when they stir in the night I can just check the monitor and see whether she's going to go back to sleep on her own or if I'll have to go in to her. I wouldn't be without it now although it isn't digital and the interference can be a pain in the bum but I believe they do digital ones now!
  • i have the tixylix monitor too i think it quite good for 10 pounds xxx
  • We got the angelcare monitor with movement sensor. Its brill hubby and I love it. Its good knowing that if little one were to stop breathing and alarm goes off. She is 12 weeks and we can put her down to sleep in the crib in our room at 7pm and have the rest of the evening to ourselves and sleep better at night. I have heard that some people have had problems with it going off for no reason but it helps if you increase the sensitivity dial to max and bear in mind that the alarm also goes off if the temperature in the babies room is too hot but you can manually adjust that in the summer months. It has a different sound for temp as well. You can use it as a normal sound monitor as well if you have baby sleeping anywhere else in the house like in the pram.
  • we have the bt 100 baby monitor,its not digital but its still fantastic,got the light,3 lullabys,never get interferance,and you can talk through parent end to baby,its bat operated and mains,its got lights so if you have it on silent you can see when baby makes noise,and you can control light and lullabys from parent unit.its 1 of my best baby buys even though i wish ide of bought the digital one now coz that has thermometer never satisfied with what ive got!!!
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