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How long did you stay in hospital? ..

How long did you stay in hospital after the birth?

Does this depend on what pain relief you had? Or if your breast feeding or bottle feeding?

This is my major anxiety about labour - the stay in hospital afterwards.


  • i asked to have the minimum 4 hour stay which u can if everything goes well but i ended up with an epidural. i had brooke at 6:45 pm sunday n was hime by 6 on monday so only one night! x
  • i could have got out the same day with david as i had him at 9.45am on the sunday, but am that petrified of needles i had to have a spinal block to get them and never got out till tea time on the monday, my cuzin just had her baby 2 weeks ago she had him at 2pm and was out by 7pm th same evening xx
  • I stayed in hospital 2 night and went home about 7pm on the 3rd day and i absolutly loved it. It was a special time that i didnt have to look at washing up and untidy house that me and my lo could spend together. I would def do the same with the next one to. x
  • I had a c section and discharged myself 2 days after, I had it Fri morning and was home Sun afternoon xxx
  • hi. with my first i stayed in for 3 days as i was nervous about breastfeeding, my 2nd and 3rd for 2 nights as i was induced for pre eclampsia , my 4th and 5th just a night.
    i think it all depends on how your birth goes and how you and baby are after birth. i stayed in just for a rest as i had other kids at home. my maternity unit's minimum stay is 6 hours if all is ok. try not to worry about it too much as you may have different ideas after your baby is born.xxxx
  • depends on your type of delivery - if you have c/s most places like you in for 3 days, but may let you our before if both ok.
    also depends on how many kids you got too- usually if you are first time mum, breast feeding, most places like you to stay in for a day or 2 to get the hang of it. if you've BF before, they may be happy for you to go home if you happy too!
    just see how you feel at the time!
  • thats reassuring to hear. My midwife told me that the minimal stay is 6 hrs in my chosen hospital, but their reluctant to let you go that early for a first baby.

    Its also exclusively breast feeding, and if you want to bottle feed you have to bring in your own stuff.
    I'm just worried that if i choose to breastfeed, they wont let me come home until i've got the hang of it. Which i know sounds selfish, but could that take days?
  • Hiya

    I think everyone has anxieties about giving birth, and everyone feels a bit silly afterwards that they got all worked up about nothing!!
    I was booked in for an induction at 7am but at midnight ended up having an emergency section, so I had to stay for a little longer. Then I got an infection in the uterus and had to stay for a week in the end.
    I wasn't too bothered though. Even though I've always hated hospitals I had my new baby next to me and for the first week it was actually quite nice to have all my cooking, washing up and coffee done for me! OH certainly wouldn't have bothered if I was at home! Also while in hospital if you ask nicely, the staff will change your baby for you or take him away in the night if he's crying so you can get some sleep. I didn't want to go home, actually!

    Try not to worry. I'm sure you won't be in as long as I was and even if you are, you'll have a beautiful baby to focus on! Its never as bad as you think its going to be so please try not to get too worried about it and just enjoy the first few days bonding with your new baby xxx
  • i went in on the thursday afternoon had harri friday night had to stay in as me and lo had temperature after the birth then got out sunday at 7pm. i was desperate to get out as had seen no natural daylight or fresh air for all that time! had to bug them to discharge me! xxx
  • 6 hours, had a quick delivery and was my 5th baby but your stay does depend on the type of delivery you have and they don't want to keep you any longer than they have to as they are always short of beds and staff x
  • I had gas and air. I had Kara at 3.00am on Sunday and was out on Monday morning. However as Kara was prem she had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks. I didn't see any point in me staying in as my labour was fine and there was no complications. I would say it depends on the type of labour you have.
  • i have never stayed in anymore than 16 hours with mine and that was because they wouldnt let me go home at night as i had them bothe late on so had to wait till the next day for the doc to come and discharge me
  • I had 2 hospital stays!
    Went in on the 21st, Cole was born in the early hours of the 22nd, and because he had funny feet I had to stay in till the 23rd (monday) so the specialist could see. He ended up having to go under the sunlamp for jaundice so I had to stay in till he was all done with that anyway. In the meantime they were monitering my blood pressure cause it went very high in labour, and in the end they finally decided to give me a blood transfusion on christmas eve! Got out on the 25th, and was sent back into hospital on the 27th as my blood pressure was still going high! That was another 2 night stay while they got my meds sorted!

    I had absoltely not wanted to stay (I'd actually planned on a homebirth!!) but when it comes down to it .. if you need to stay either for you or your lo its the best place for you because at least they can check up on you regularly, and as someone else said, they willt ake your lo into the nursery if you really need to rest.

    I have to say that if something similar happened to me again I'd demand a blood transfusion sooner and demand blood pressure meds sooner so that I wouldn't have so much messing about.

    I was terrified of staying and having things happen I didn't want to but in the end it actually wasn't so bad .. and it was the best place for us. I just don't recommend allowing parents, in laws, brother and bil visit all at once if you are meant to be resting for your blood pressure! Bloody night mare having htem all turn up at once!
  • hello,i was in hospital for 6 days,this was cos my ds was 5 weeks early and was yellow as a banana :lol: (no he wasnt that bad) but he was in and out of a incubator for that long,i ff and i didnt take anything in with me the hospital supplied all i needed,like the op have said dont worry to much,the stay in the hospital wasnt that bad

  • I'm afraid I was in for 4 days because I was having probs bf. In the end we actually discharged ourselves as Kade was 6 grams underweight (big wow!) and the pead wanted us to stay in. I drew the line at that and said no way so we went home. He gained weight lovely once we were home and I got the support we needed.
  • I had an emergency c section that took me a little while to get over so I had 2 days in hospital then 3 days in a midwife lead unit to have some rest.
  • I was exactly like Hollys mummy, I had c section on Friday morning and went home Sunday afternoon so 2 nights - however i was in the hospital for 2 nights before the birth too so it was actually 4 nights in total.
    This was my biggest fear - staying in hospital - and they wanted to keep me in longer I think as I did have a temperature during labour and afterwards but I had him in May this yr and it was that weekend where it was boiling hot so OF COURSE I had a temperature!
    Like artyfarty i was desperate to go home and once I was home it was sooo much better. Hospital was ok but I was getting obsessive about what if people thought I wasnt doing a good enough job - if that makes sense? - so even tho I had section I was up 4 hours after doing everything under the sun cos I thought if i asked for help I would be looked down on...crazy but hey, hormones! I felt so much better at home cos I could relax.
  • I was absolutely horrified in advance about the thought of having to stay in hospital overnight and wanted to be out in the minimum 6 hours however I had an epidural and Olivia was born at 1640 so by the time all had been done it was too late for me to go home. To be honest though it was a truly magical night as the ward was so quiet and there was only 1 other women in my bay. I was home by midday the following day and in some ways wished I had stayed another night to try and establish breastfeeding better as I really struggled.
    So like me you may well change your mind once you are there. The care I received was absolutely superb.
  • I had my daughter at 2.10pm and was home by 3pm the next day. i only had gas and air and was going to breastfeed but i was told they like you to stay in at least the 1 night at my local hospital (dewsbury). as long as everything goes well you shouldnt have to stay in too long
    Caz x x
  • i had my son at 5.18pm on the tuesday and was home by 5.30pm on the thursday and i had my daughter in october and had her at 7.50 pm on the saturday and went home at 10am on the tuesday xxx
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