I hate this!! Aaarrrrgghhh!!!!

God, this ttc lark is starting to get right on my nerves!!!!! Why is it that our bodies do mega strange things to us and give us false hope??

Was away on holiday last week and AF was due any time between Tuesday and Friday of last week (my cycles vary from 25-28 days). Had been feeling real strange and had 'implantation bleed' the week before - yeah whatever!!. Anyway, my AF still hadn't arrived by Friday so I went out and bought digital poas thing and BBBFN!! Still not here on Saturday - still BFN. The witch got me Sunday afternoon!!

Why, oh why?!!!! I am never late and I really thought I'd done it this time. Why is it not happening??? This takes me to month 12 of ttc and I'm getting really fed up with it now.

Sorry for the rant girls but PMA is at a seriously reduced rate.



  • It's bloody annoying, isn't it? You're always regular, then one month it just throws itself out!

    Last month I had no symptoms that AF was due, so thought that might be a symptom - but no! Bang on time she was! Cheeky cow!
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