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CD1 - anyone else?

Well af found me image
At least I can relax and get a slight respite from obsesseing, checking and POAS for a week or so!!!
Fingers crossed for next month so then my due date would be around my birthday in March, what a lovely present that would be!
Anyone else staring the 2WW for the 2WW!
Rach x


  • I'll join you - AF found me in the night

    My birthday is also March (11th)

    We can keep each other company on the 2ww for the 2ww x
  • Sorry she found you Rach(and Mandy). I'm not joining you just yet but the way I've felt today I think I will be in the next 48hours!!Good luck for next month!xxx
  • Hi girls,
    Thats great that we can keep each other company! Keep updated with how you both are getting on. Fingers and toes crossed that this is our lucky month!
    Rachel x
  • Thanks hjanea, i hope the witch stays away for you. Let us know how you get on. Lots of good luck
    Rach x
  • Thankyou, I will do but I'm afraid my PMA has waned today. I am still trying to visulise a bean implanting. I have everything crossed!xxx
  • She found me yesterday girlies image Was really gutted but feeling bit more PMA today, also worked out if we do it this month i'd be due on DH's birthday which is an extra incentive!! xx
  • Hi Girls,

    AF found me yesterday too, so on CD 2 now!! Nice to have some company! Roll on month 7!

    Clare x
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