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Hi, could anyone tell me if increased nasal congestion is a sign of pregnancy? also, tiredness and headaches and really vivid dreams?? O and i've been really grumpy!!

I am took my pill late a couple times and i have missed one and i am really panicking!!! xxx


  • I know tiredness, headaches, vivid dreams and being grumpy are all symptoms of pg but not sure about the nasal congestion.
    Where are you in cycle? x xx
  • i have no idea cos my pill has stopped my periods so i don't know! xx
  • Do you know when your last period was? xx
  • Yes it can be a sign though in saying this i had all those things last month and I was not Preg. Have you been trying for awhile or just come off the pill?

    k XX
  • Do you know when your last period was?
    How long you been on the pill?xx
  • my last was about 3 month ago when i went on the pill.

    I'm not trying, just wondering if these are symptoms cos i missed a pill and took a couple late! I have a 20 wk old and an 18month old. No symptoms with the first and severe morning sickness with the second! x
  • Oh right well I would do a test just in case and see what it says.

    K xx
  • yeah definatly do a test. If its negative at least you can put that out of your mind and maybe see the dr to find out why your periods have stopped. If its positive, is it a good thing??
  • no not really as i really couldn't cope! My 20wk old is having problems and i have pnd. If i am tho i will just get used to it. I'll do a test when i get the courage. i am so scared x

    I know i am posting this in the wrong place as ur all trying for baby's, but i just didnt know where to post. sorry xx
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