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baby models??

hi just wondering if any of you have had any experience with baby model agencies??


  • i've been looking for some near me (norfolk) but the nearest is London for babies so I haven't had much luck
  • Hi, Isaac has just been accepted on to the books of baby shak and has been invited for a test shoot by childs play, i just e-mailed them some photos and they got back to me, although some agencies only accept children living in the london area. Good luck
  • hiya,just popped in from toddler forum,my post is on there about modeling,i registered with an agency 1yr ago my dd is 22mnths now ive recently had a call from the agency to go to a casting for the new mamas&papas catalouge,but unfortunatly its in mancester and its quite along way so ive decided to give it a miss most of the agencys are in big citys and at the present time feel that i dont want to be dragging her all over but im sure i will regret it when i see the models in the cat and primrose could of been in it!!x
  • my lo is on the books with models direct.. not had any luck as yet but they were the best one we found.xx
  • how long has your lo been with models direct?? x
  • only a few months so not long..
  • hiya,its taken a whole year to ring me,but it does depend on what the people want and who is rite for them,a few months isnt long so im sure you will hear something soon.x
  • what costs did you pay on registering your lo's??
  • My baby Abbie doesnt do "modelling" as such but she is a "baby actress" she has been on eastenders as baby summer, the bill twice, holby city, the long walk to finchley! she has been in the local paper and will be in the July issue of Prima Baby! She has an agent but is not with a model agency!

    We were lucky as eastenders needed a baby and got intouch with my hv who rang me and she got the part from there the BBC got us her an agent!

    My friends daughter is with Scallywags and i know someone who is with Bizzykidz they are both supposed to be great agencies!!


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  • Abbie has an independant agent we got through the BBC, xxx and i am VERY proud lol thankyou she is so clever image xxxxx

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  • Hiya,
    My friends little girl is with Kids London. They seem fab! She has recently had her shoot for the George Halloween outfits. She's going to be the kid on all the tags?!?!?! She's also done work for Mamas and Papas and a magazine called Juniour xx
    They deal with babies too xx
  • cant believe models direct is a scam... i always seem to speak to someone when i ring and they seemed so genuine.. i know they say u should never pay an agency but i looked into it really thourughly and they all have an admin fee babyshak included.. we thought the best value for money was the ??128 for 3 years.. im gunna ring them and see what they say..
  • mmmm thanks for all the replies. im definitely more wary now. Mia has been accpeted through the "1st stage" application and has now been sent to their "national" panel. I will apparently hear via email if she has been succesful....then i will recieve everything i need to know in the post. I did google models direct after readin replies and yeah there are alot of negative things on there...but im also wondering if this is just bitter people?? im prepared for the fact that even is mia is on someone's books it doesnt gaurantee she will ever be succesful at a casting as there are soooo many gorgeous babies out there. i will see what the end of this week brings.

    upsy_daisy - let me know what they do say if you ring them??!! x
  • thats what i think.. i read a lot of the things and they were all just saying that they hadnt had any work.. im prepared for the fact brooke may not get anything from it but i update her pics regulaly etc so if she dosnt i just wont renew it in 3 years! too late 4 me now already paid!
  • well mia has been accepted onto models direct books and offered a contract...and as expected they are wanting ??128 for three years of representation!!
  • Poppy was accepted by these last week - I haven't paid the fees cos I'm not sure I want to do it anyway but I'm very wary now as I read all the bad press on the internet. Not sure what to do?!!
  • Kade was also accepted by modelsdirect but they are a scam! I have read so many bad reviews on them and they also are listed on the Alba's name and shame section!
    We applied to bizzikidz and got accepted which is a part of babyshak and they are listed on the alba site and seem very genuine and have pretty good reviews when you google them.
    I'm not sure if we are going to go ahead as not sure we really have the time to trek him around for castings etc but might do if I can persuade oh it would be a good idea :lol:
  • My little man is also registered with Babyshak
    Not had any castings yet but only been with them a month
    Louise and Kade - I would go ahead if I was you - Kade is adorable in your avatar pic x
  • Poppy was also accepted by Babyshak - are these ok then??
  • Thanks Mandy123, I think I'll work some of my nagging skills on oh tonight lol.

    Donna, I think Babyshak is fine as it is part of bizzikidz and both are listed on Alba. All seems pretty genuine to me.
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