Test says BFN, but in my head I'm BFP...

...until the big, fat witch rears her ugly head!!!

I had a pretty rubbish ttc month this month - oh was on nights and we only bd'd once around ov time (about two days after positive on ov stick). The point is I had convinced myself I couldn't possibly be pregnant this month and have been fairly relaxed about everything. The thing is since last Thursday night I have been waking every night at around 3/4 am with extreme waves of nausea that last until the morning and then disappear by early afternoon. I've also got mild cramps and tender boobs. This is the most symptoms I've had but hadn't been symptom spotting at all.

So now I've convinced myself I'm pg. AF is due on Sunday and I POAS using First Response yesterday and this morning (couldn't help myself) and BFN. Will now wait to see if AF arrives. Anyone else had the nausea thing before and it turned out to be a BFN? I feel physically fine otherwise so don't think it's a bug!

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  • Hi Weegie!

    My AF was due last Friday - that night I had the most awful wave of nausea, I had to sit still with my eyes closed until it passed! That morning and Saturday morning I still got BFNs. I didn't test again until Monday this week when I finally got my BFP.

    I got mild cramps too - and very tender boobs, not like in previous months.

    I didn't feel pregnant but I know I didn't feel like AF was on the way. I just felt weird and a bit rough!

    Good luck - fingers crossed for you! xxx
  • That's exactly how I feel Joo - have just been curling up in bed and waiting for it to pass. You have given me a glimmer of hope so cheers!

    I haven't been mooching around here so much this week so didn't realise you had a BFP (I haven't posted a lot but still like to follow how everyone's doing). So just wanted to say a big congrats - hope you have a healthy, happy nine months!

  • Oh weegie,
    you have to join me in the Feb forum, so have my fingers crossed for you. I didn't have any nausau or sensitive bb before my bfp. Good luck!!
  • Thanks sevans - am not holding out much hope though! Should know by Sunday in any case.

    Hope your pregnancy is still going well imagemile:

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