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i have no idea what is going on with my body i'm on cd76 and was sure i ov'd monday as i had masses of EWCM and cervix was open, pains the lot. Then yesterday had more EWCM (TMI) i felt it actually come out- sorry!

But now i've just been to the loo and wiped and blood mixed with cm!!!! WTF!!!!!

I have no clue whats going on really didn't feel like af was on route at all and now she's got her toe in the door!!!!

i give up on this ttc lark in month 9 now and n


  • oh babe I am sorry I have no idea what that is all about?? Was is like red blood or was it brownish?


  • was definatly red and is only when i wipe not in knickers, wasn't like blood blood more like blood streaked cm.

    I don't know anymore should find out about new job today and if i get it back on the pill maybe its fate....maybe ellie and christmas bean were all i was meant to have...

    pma definatly out the window!!!
  • Oh love ;-( first off good luck with the job image so if you get it you will be going back on the pill?

    Sadly these things take time as awful as that is to hear and i am sure you have heard it a lot. you are stronger than this babe you can do this ok. We are all here for each other and we will get through thisimage

    K xx

  • if i get it yes back on the pill. would need time in new position b4 getting pg again really.

    Yeah i know just wish my body would sort itself out i'm not even having normal cycles.

    oh well ............

  • Whay will be will be hun I am a great believer that everything happens for a reason. If you get this job then maybe now was just not the right time for you and your job will be greatimage

    K xx
  • yeah i guess so
  • I am sorry i have not been much help

    K xx
  • Sorry you're having such a rubbish time lilac. I hope you get the news you want.
    Have you thought that maybe you should use a non-hormonal method of contraception to let your cycles get back to normal so that when you are ready to ttc again it will be easier? Just a long term thought.
  • k-lou- U have been helpful don't mean to seem unappricative its just at the end of this month i'm in month 10 ttc and its hard when u've already got one who was a surprise no trying and a mc after a car accident in december i just didn't expect it to take this long!!!

    Lula- wish i knew what news i wanted thats the thing not sure if i want the job even thou its fantastic and would do so much for my career because i'm so "i want a baby NOW" at the moment?!
    I'm not sure what option to use thou neither of us like condoms and WD method isn't terrible reliable- thou we have discussed this as a way to leave it up to fate!

    God i'm such a miserable cow today......PMS!!! the cheeky thing has snuck up on me!!!!
  • Oh honey i really wanna give you a hug ((((((((((()))))))))))))

    I can't imagine how you must be feeling but you know your always welcome to have a good ol moaned and we will be there for you
    k xxxx

  • If you were going to hold off trying for say, a year, than a coil might be a good idea. The ones without hormones in are perfect for women who have had children and plan to have more. Something to think about anyway.
    I really hope things work out for you, I'm sure that you will conceive again if you decide to keep trying, you've proved that you can.
  • oh i got so excited then reading the title thought you got ur bfp. Im so annoyed for you hun. what a bitch. maybe there is a slight chance its not af? instead implantation?good luck with the job though hope you get it. its ok to be miserable! hopefully when you start your job it'll take ur mind off ttc and you'll be a lot more relaxed and concieve before you know it, thats if you dont go on pill of course! lol
    big hugs babe XXXXX

  • Oh, I thought it was a bfp too...

    But, if you think you ov'd on Mon, could this be implantation bleed???

    Re contraception. What about a mix of WD and condoms? WD when you are sure you aren't oving and condoms when you aren't sure or think you are? I haven't use it and don't know much about it but what about a cap/diaphram thingie.
  • hiya hun i was trying for my second when my first was 8 weeks old, i am now 6 weeks pregnant and my daughter tured one last week, so it was awhile for us aswell, could it be an implantion bleeding i had one 4 and 5 days after i o'v, my bpf didnt show up till i was 10 days past my af due date, keeping everything crossed for you xx
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