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Woohoo! Now I can get down to some serious bd'g, and hopefully will be posting a BFP thread VERY soon!

***********Sparkly baby dust to all************* xx


  • Hey my af has just left too! Just been out and bought 3 pks of ovk so im ready to go! We will both be posting a bfp thread this month im sure of it!! xxx
  • Snap girlies!! My af has left/is leaving the building today too!! Let's bd like mad for the next two weeks and get ourselves in the March forum! And I love the spring so an early spring baby would be lovely!!

    Plus, if we do get our BFPs, then we don't have to be huge during the hot summer months! Perfect!!



  • yay!!! am just back off holiday so trying to catch up with everything but so pleased you can start bd'ing again!! xxx
  • Big YAAAY to us all! lets make a pact to all leave ttc for the March forum together! x

    My oh's b/day is in March, so it would be fab to have an extra special pressie for him image

    Welcome back mrs_e, hope you had a fab time! xx

  • Yey hun glad shes cleared off!!!! Im 5dpo today i waiting to see if the witch turns up soon! xxxxx
  • Just realised that my ticker has jumped a day from when I first posted. Now why is that I wonder????

    Methinks I will have to try and sort that out! Im all confused now! :lol:

  • Its still doing it! WTF????

  • Just counted on my fingers and the second one is right. So only 4 days until I should hopefully be ov'g!!! OMG! Lots of bd'g forecast for the next few days. Hope oh is up to it! (pardon the pun!)

    Good luck woomummy! got my fingers very tightly crossed for you hun xxx

  • Yay same here girls!!!! image I'm due to ov next weekend, so DH and I have cleared our schedules and are going to spend the whole weekend in bed!! ...Me with my legs in the air...:lol:

    If we get lucky this time (and it sticks eek) LO will be due on DH's birthday!!! He doesn't know that yet - he'll flip when he finds out image

    I've had 2 mc's this year and the first time I got a BFP, I told him on his birthday and he was made up! I've just got to make it stick this time!!!!


  • Aww good luck cherrypicker! How great would it be if we both got lucky and bub's were both born on oh's b/days?! I had mc last month too, so fingers crossed we all get lovely sticky beanies this time! xxx

  • thanks bb4 we had a lovely time and i stopped bleeding the day we got there woohooo! also had ewcm the day after so no idea if that was ov??
    good luck everyone!! lots of babydust (and sticky babydust) to all xx
  • Ooh I do hope so! Are you officially ttc again now or still waiting for af?

    good luck and tons of babydust either way! xx

  • well we WERE going to wait... but it must have been the sea air or something but i was so excited that bleeding had stopped we had a bit of "fun". not getting my hopes up though as no idea if it was ov or not so we'll see. going to try properly next month if no luck this time!
    i do feel naughty for trying though as i had been telling myself to wait one AF. but whatever will be, will be.
    good luck!!!!! xxx
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