I have the most cm ive ever had in my life...didnt know it was possible to have so much!!! With the mc's in my tww i didnt have never know this could be a good sign that im brewing a sticky one,!?! that or im kidding myself!!! kim xxxxx :roll:


  • When can you test Kim?
  • I ov last techincally the 18th....with my mc last month though i got my bfp at 8dpo! Part of me is to scared to test this month though silly i know, but when ever i think of the feeling u have when u finally see those 2 lines, i cant help put it with the sadness of when the pg fails, silly i know but i cant help it xxxxx
  • Lol sugarpuff, lets hope we get our sticky bfps much prefer to be due date buddies wouldnt you! xxxx
  • Oh Kim I do so hope its a good sign. Sending lots of sticky babydust!!xxxxx
  • Awwww kimmy!!!! I really hope it's a sticky one!!!!

    Fingers crossed and baby dust!

  • sending u tons of babydust all the way over from spain! lol hugs xxxxx good luck xxx
  • ahh kim really hope you get that bfp again soon heres some sticky babydust coming your way xxx
  • Oooh I do so hope that this is a good sign! Good luck kim! x

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