Anybody watching Big Brother?

Oh my god I really did not expect her to go!

K xx


  • Ooooo im watching it. Im glad she went i didnt really like her but i did think it would be mario. I think its a bit pathetic how davina went in to the studio so they couldnt hear who the crowd dont like! I hate when they try to fix it ike they did last year with Charley.
  • who went who went i missed it?!
  • Stephanie went. I thought her or Mario! xx
  • oooh i had a feeling she would go.
  • me too. they obviously going to keep the couple in to see what happens. i dont think i can keep watching with thatalex in the house and her "remember i told you"
  • Alex is a strange one. On the one hand people are getting comforted by her, on the other she's the one causing most of the tension! xx
  • I am not sure about Alex to be honest at first I hated her and now I am not so sure?

    I really thought Mario would go.

    K xx
  • he just doesnt fit in. looks strange next to everyine else if you know what i mean.x
  • I cant stand alex but would it be as interesting without her? She tends to be the one everyone is talking about at work the next day. Does anyone have a favourite yet? Im not sure who i like just know who i dont!
  • i hate alex does my head in feel sorry for steph but least she go a good chear when she came out
  • Does anyone think Mikey will win? Will he get the sympathy vote? I'm not sure who I really like! xx
  • Oh no did you see her fall down the a few steps? LOL I would of just died!!

    K xx
  • you could me right about mikey. he only lives a few miles away from us. the thai girl is it cat. think she could have a chance.
  • Yeah I like Kat, she's a character! Oh you know a celeb now ANGIELISA! lol xx
  • do you ever wander that. if anyone on here knows anybody on it. i mean someone must know them. we had a local on last year as well.
  • i think cat is great but not sure who i really like yet
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