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please help me....

hi girls

i really need some advise summer is now 5 weeks old and at first she was a lovely contented baby but for the last few nites she has woken at 3am and just refuses to go back to sleep so im up all nite with her.

she does tend to fight sleep alot anyway but i have tried everything i feed her until she wont take anymore i wind her and keep her upright for 30mins as she tends to be sick otherwise, ive tried giving her a dummy but she spits it out i wrap her up so she is nice and cosy defo not cold not too hot either tho but she just fights and fights her sleep and then the next thing i know 3 hrs have gone by and she needs feeding again.

has anyone got any tips on
1. getting her to settle better and
2. how did u get ur lo's to go through the nite???

im at my wits end now and im just so so so so tired


  • oh hun sorry to hear you are having some toubles, harri went threw on his own at 6 weeks without us having to do anything, but then at 20 weeks started needing a feed again and last night was the first time he has gone threw since 20 weeks he is 25 weeks now, but last night was due to hipp organic good night milk but obviously summer is much too young for that as its from 6 months. have you tried swadddling? sorry i cant help you further. xxx
  • Aw hun, sorry you're having a tough time. I'm not really sure what you can do as it sounds like you've tried most things already! Evie is 6 weeks and she's going through from about 10 or 11 til roughly 5 or 6 now, the only thing I do is try to get as much milk down her in the day as I can, so I don't let her go much more than 3 hours between feeds. She takes 6 or 7oz feeds now.

    It may just be a phase which will sort itself out- I was at my wits end with Lily as from birth to 6 weeks she never slept at night, then suddenly she started sleeping through and it was nothing to do with me!

    Sorry it's not much advice but just wanted to say I know how you feel and it does get better.

  • hiya sorry typing 1 handed...have you tried settling her down then leaving the room for 10 mins (as long as shes ok and not crying). i do this with gabe and when i go back in to check him, hes asleep. i think babies just need winding down sometimes. gabe does sleep 8 - 4 then goes bk till 8 or 9 but he doesnt sleep at all in the day so hes just so shattered that he sleeps well at night. do you give summer a bath before bed? i give gabe a bath at 7.30 every night and it helps settle him. x
  • I would try some controlled crying. that's what we had to do and it does work.
    As long as you know she's not hungry, needing changed etc. She should be able to cry herself to sleep. It's horrible, but it is the only way sometimes. If you stay up with her as you are doing, she'll start to see it as social time with mum, which you really don't want.
    Unless it could be something wrong with her like colic keeping her up?
  • just wanna thank u all for ur advice well we had a brill nite she slept from wait for it.........
    9.30pm til 5am yay!!!!
    and i slept from 9.45pm til 5am lol
    feel so so so much better
    she must of been knackered she was up all day yesterday and she fed and fed and fed all day!!!!!
    so thanks girls now if i can just get her to go from 11pm til 8am that would be perfect lol
  • Yay go Summer! good girl lol x
  • Aw that's great, glad you got a good kip! Bet everything seems much better now.

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