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Red spots on face

Hi, does any of your lo have red spots on their face? Harry has them mostly on his cheeks and round his neck. I have not seen hv yet.

Thank you. xx


  • How old is Harry? If he is very young they are more than likely caused by hormones. I think they call them milk spots??
    Kade had the really bad when he was about 3 weeks old but hv just told us it was hormones. They clear up by themselves eventually.
    Obviously if he is a lot older it might not be this.
  • Gracie gets them when she has dampened skin, like sick on her neck! Or a dribble rash which is tiny red spots.
    If tiny like Louise said, it could be hormones if bf. My lo had baby acne for a week or so all because of me and my milk, poor bub!
  • Morgana had some on her forehead this weekend when she fell asleep in her carseat while it was warm - it went away quickly after, I think it might have been heatrash, could that be what Harry has? Oh also her cheeks look really mottled and red when she's teething, that might be another possibility.
  • Yes, Georgia gets these too. A little bit on her face but mostly around under her chin and the back of her neck. They seem to be worse when its warm especially if we've been out in the car. Shes 8 weeks old.
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