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Shocking Stretch Marks!!

I`m in shock... im 29 weeks and til now havent seen a single stretch mark til this morning when i noticed pink and purple lines under my breasts!!!!!!!! im so upset!! i put lots of coco butter on do you think they will go?!!!!!! anyone have these? is it normal? will they go?! oh my............ so many changes!!! any product/remedies?!! help me please!!!!


  • welcome to my world! No they wont go, if you think about how they are made you will realise they are now new scars, although apparently bio oil fades them, but i keep forgetting to buy it. They are sooooooo common...we all hate them though, you now need to start looking at them as a symbol of love for your baby, look at what they now represent to you-new life, (yeah right! in other words, we all need to just deal with em! i'm still bitterly in mourning for my body in case you cant tell, lol, i've not moved on yet!) lol xxx
  • thanks for your comments, i totally relate and agree 100% im still sad about my new scars on my breasts... its quite weird how upset i got by the stretch marks but i guess i will forget all about them the minute i have my LO in my arms. I am so not body conscious either infact i never wear low tops but its just annoying that i now havent got the choice!!! oh well... c'est la vie!! xx
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