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um, not sure (tmi warning)

Hiya girls,

I'm 6dpo, and have just been to the loo. When I wiped there was blood, no cm, and what was there was like a light redish watery-ness.

Any ideas what this could be? I was hopeful about implantation bleeding, but I've just read other threads, and googled it, and from what I can tell, implantation bleeding wouldn't be as watery as what i found. AF not due til next friday - I really hope the witch isn't trying to find me too soon!

Can any one help?



  • Is this your first month off the pill poppy? Don't want to be negative but in my 1st month off pill i got AF 8dpo but since then *touchwood* my cycles have been okish.

    Hope it's early implantation, i believe implantation occurs around 6-12 dpo so fingers crossed for you hun xxxxxxxx
  • I've been off the pill for the last 18 months, but only really ttc for the last 7. I've had the brownish discharge a few days before af for the last couple of months (sorry for tmi again), and each time convinced myself that it was implantation bleeding - only to be well and truly cheesed off when the af witch reared her ugly head.

    So totally unsure about this bleeding now - not sure if i should be worried or not?!?
  • i really hope it is implantation hun, there stands a chance.
    lots of pma and babydust xx
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