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more info on my Cm sorry girls LOL

yes thats right - it;s good ol me again. Well I have been keeping a note pad with all the stuff thats going on with me this 2ww so i know what i am up against next month. My cm has been very thick and white and to be honest not very much of it at all. i just checked now and it now looks little more like leading up to OV.

It's like lotion so not as thick and there was a glob of yellow ewcm though it was not thin it was like sticky if tat makes sense has anybody else ever had that?

K xx


  • Your posts make me chuckle!!

    Double CM!! I had the white lotiony stuff just before AF last month - but no EWCM type. The EWCM sounds just like mine when I get it - it is quite thick and sticky! Hopefully yours isn't what mine was last month! I am crossing everything for you!
  • They do me too!!! We cant have a day where we dont find out about your cm K- dont ever go on holidays-we'll all miss it!!!!
  • Yep, thats what I'm experiencing at the moment. I'm currently CD30/33 POAS abd it was BFN. Keep getting AF like twinges so maybe the witch has just jumped on her broomstick. image
  • I am telling the witch to leave this forum alone!! **makes a shooing action**
  • ha ha ha ha you know you would all miss me laods if i was not here to tell you every single thing that is going on me with, I should of done drama at school LOL

    Oh man - oh well i think AF is coming my boobs are sore and have a head ache coming on which is about right a week before i am due on.

    k xx
  • **shooo*** I am NOT letting her get you!
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