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Moses basket / Grobags

Was just looking at a post on bedding (due to pregnancy brain I can't find it again now) but one of the ladies said she thought you couldn't use sleeping bags with moses baskets. Is that right?

I was going to use a sleeping bag with the moses basket, but did wonder where the extra material would go if baby is feet to foot. Are blankets better then? And if so, do you think a couple of blankets sufficient (baby is due at beginning of August and will move from moses straight to cotbed, so don't want to end up with tons of tiny moses blankets that we won't use again).

Also, with a sleeping bag, is it easy to change the baby in the night while they're still in bag without getting any mess on it?

Sorry for all the questions - 1st baby and don't know anyone who has become a mum since the invention of the baby sleeping bag!

Egyptian-mummy x


  • I used a sleeping bag while lo was still in the moses basket as she kept kicking her covers off. You don't really have to worry about putting her feet to foot when the baby is in a sleeping bag, as this advice is so the baby can't work it's way under the blankets, but as you are using a sleeping bag, they can't. I just put her in the middle of the moses basket and tugged the excess into the bottom. When you change them at night you have to be a little careful to tug the sleeping bag out of the way so you don't get a mess on it, but it's really not too much hassle.
  • In August you probably won't need too many blankets anyway, so if I were you I'd get a couple of thin sleeping bags for LO.
    I used blankets at first with Max in his moses basket but he kept kicking them off, too. So I used a sleeping bag instead and he slept a lot better because he didn't kick it off and get cold. He's 7 months now and still in sleeping bag in his cot bed. I haven't used blankets since he was a few weeks old! You have to tuck them all in and everything every time you put them down, but with a sleeping bag you just plonk LO in bed, and he's all sorted ;\)
    Changing isn't really a problem. You can open sleeping bag, take LO out of it, and out of bed, change the nappy, then put them back in bed and do up sleeping bag xxxx And you don't have to take them out of sleeping bag for night feeds, which makes it a little easier xx
  • Sorry to but in on your post but I have aa niggle... Which sleeping bags are best do you think, for my 5 month old baby? xx Sorry to but in but your post made me think of getting one for my lo! Really good idea! xx
  • We used sleeping bags when cole was in his basket, and we don't put him to the bottom of his cot when in his basket either as he can't wiggle under it. For night changes when we used to get him out of his basket we just unzipped and shoved the bag to the side.. now that he usually just wees in the night we don't even take him out of his cot, just unzip the bag,w hip the nappy off and stick a new one on.

    clariedee - we have a grobag lo is growing out of - that is good, but they are expensive and I wouldn't spend all that money! We also have one from asda which was ??10 - its a little big around the arms but then I did buy a 12-18 month one cause the 6-12 month one was only a tiny bit bigger than the smaller sized growbag. Also got one (this one was a 1 tog) from ebay - I think its a slumbersac and it was around ??11 or ??12. To be honest I think they are all pretty much similar! All 3 of ours have washed and tumble dried or line dried well and haven't (so far) stained when we've had a bad nappy!
  • i have a couple of sleeping bags in different sizes was thinking of using blankets in moses basket as was also unsure if could use a sleeping bag in it.....but after reading this thread i think i will see how the sleeping bag question with the sleeping bag i always thought that their arms get cold??? im due in january so will be pretty cold.....suggestions and or advice plaese??

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