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Hiya - i was interested in finding out how everyones sex drive rises and falls with their cycle. I am around the time i am ovulating and have naturally felt much more horny (lol - silly word) than normal. And i have noticed this whenever i have some off the pill and more so around ovul.ation time! My god - even my husband wants time out - is this similar to everyone else? I guess its natures way of ensuring we pro-create???


  • hi em - i have heard that you can be more "turned on" than normal around the time of ov - as you say, nature's way. i really felt this way the month we got bfp, more than normal lol.

    also, when i was actually pg i was the opposite - did not want to bd at all!! there was a discussion about this in pg forum and apparently it is quite common - nature's way again!

  • Hi mrs e - i thought some women were supposed to really be up for it after the beginning of the pregnancy due to the increased blood flow to the 'extremities'!! I personally did not feel like this when i was pregnant with my first child - which was disappointing because i was hoping for fireworks! lol

    Hopefully, as i feel more sexual this month maybe this too will be the month for me! ONly my second month ttc so that would be lucky! Oh well, should enjoy it while i can... xxx
  • yes enjoy it lol.

    even dh was worried about hurting me/little bean etc, so we decided to wait until we both felt ready. unfortunately had mc anyway and lets just say i was "very ready" after the mc was all over. cd1 now so i'm hoping we can have lots of fun this coming month!

  • when i came off pill to try for my first my sex drive went through the roof. i think the pill really plays havoc with mine as i have nearly no sex drive whatsoever at the mo. just hoping ditching my pill will do it. i read its your natures way of telling you youre fertile feeling "horny" at ovulation time.

    as for preg the first few months i lost mine. funnily it wasnt till the end when i was big and felt horrible that i actually felt like
  • Orgasms are supposed to be amazing at the end of pregnancy! Goodluck this month mre e, hope you have good fun this month! i had absolutely no sex drive like you angielisa, when i was on the pill! So much so that i will never go back to the pill again. I feel like a new person - and its a novelty actually wanting to bd. And if i get pregnant i will teat out the whole orgasm thing throughout pregnancy - for scietific purposes of course!
  • lol. maybe tmi but they are. yeah thats what i was like first time round. enjoyed the feeling of actually wanting to and not just coz i feel guilty for oh. ive told oh the same thing i wont be going back on the pill. its causing probs in our relationship.
  • I dont have much sex drive atm.we have managed to BD every other day though which is surprising. i think it i wasnt ovulating i wouldnt make the effort - how bad is that. but its due to being sooo tired i think. i remember wanting sex quite a bit when i was pg with dd but once my bump started to grow we found it rather arkward. xxx
  • It does get a bit awkward - i was really worried that my oh wouldn't wan to have sex at all when i was pregnant but he didn't mind really. Probably considered it a challenge! Its interesting that you also will not be going on the pill again ANGIELISA, has anyone else found the pill kill their sex drive? xx
  • Hi, I'm a newbie, and have only been ttc for a week, but this topic grabbed my interest because my pill absolutely killed my sex drive. I've been on the pill for the last 8 years, and having read that many people also seem to suffer from a lack of sex drive whilst on my particluar pill, I'm quite looking forward to settling into a "normal" routine and getting my libido back.
  • hi chockymonster. its a horrible feeling isnt. hers hoping we all start getting back to normality soon and enjoy our bdancing
  • I have definitely been a lot more up for it since coming off the pill. My sex drive wasn't bad while I was on it but it's definitely improved. My oh has also been even more up for it now that he knows I'm fertile. Just goes to show that it's natures way.
  • Hi all - im new here and just about to start trying. When i was on the pill my sex drive disappeared and when i came off about 6 months ago it went through the roof. I went back on it last month as my period was due the day we went away on holiday and i wanted to prevent that but we have now decided to try (although we were talking about it we hadnt decided when and now we have) it turns out i should be off before we go anyway. As soon as i went back on it my sex drive dropped away again completely so im hoping that by coming off it again it should go back up!!! Amazing that taking that little pill can change a relationship so!
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