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I have no freakin idea what my body is doing!!!

I am 3 and a bit weeks post ERPC for a MMC and have started having AF like pains....but it's waaaaay too early isn't it???


  • Hey hun, im day 32 post mc and ive been having af cramps on and off for 2wks now....shes still not arrived, so assuming its my body settling waiting for your 1st af to start ttc again, i havent....will prob test nxt wkend if nothing happens..eek!!! xxxxx
  • hey hun, my AF turned up exactly 4 weeks after ERPC, which i was extremely surprised about as i didn't think it would come that early, especially seeing as i only stopped spotting 2 weeks before that.
    good luck hun xx
  • Sorry, but what does ERPC stand for?
  • I had mc on 14th May and af arrived on 5th June. I had lots of spotting on and off in between too. Dont worry, it sounds like everything is on track. xxx

  • that's ok...starting to get obsessed with symptom spotting and thinking that my cramps were implantation pains..but I have been having them since tuesday and i know they don't last that long
  • SRM - it stands for Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception (or a D&C)
  • kate meet me on msn??
  • sorry hun i'm about to log off - hubby wants laptop to do some study. hope you ok though - chat soon image
  • nevermind it's endomitritus..went to GP today and am now on 3 different types of antibiotics
  • Oh no, sorry to hear that sarah. Is there anything they can do to sort it out for you hun? (sorry, dont know much about it) xx

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