OV test strips, price variation

Have just been looking through loads of websites checking out the prices for ovulation test strips. I'm kinda confused 'cos there's so much out there. They all look the sam e to me but the prices vary so much. There's one place that sells them 25 tests for ??1.99, and at the other end of the scale, another place sells 40 tests for ??26. Are the cheap tests just crap, and are the expensive ones the best? They all work in the same way don't they?
How much did yours cost? Do they work?


  • sugarpuff - 100!! wow!! don't tempt me lol....

  • I always found that the cheap ones work perfectly, but I know that a few of the girls on here have said they only get +ives on the more expensive ones. Maybe you could just get enough cheapies for a few cycles and see if they work for you, and then buy in bulk when yoiu know one way or the other?
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