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Shall we have a party?? SB - are you about to get it going?!

Mrs Takers, are you there???? Your parties are legendary and there seems to be a lack of PMA around today.

I feel like a good old knees up!!

'It's raining men' has just started on the juikebox!!!!

Chocolate by the bucket load over in the corner, fizz on the table and if you walk through the door to your left, you will be showered in babydust, sticky as well!!

Come on girls, lets party!!



  • oh goody a party,just what i need!!
    (I.W.A.P dances and sings "its raining men")

    oh think i will have a glass of fizz after all that dancing!!

    anyone else here yet?
  • Not yet IWAP but I reckon they are on their way!!

    Whoop Whoop!

    *****'Dancing Queen' has just started and MrsH is waving her arms around ferociously in an attempt to dance****

    Joining you at the fizz table IWAP. Pink fizz for you??

  • yes pls!! im not too fussy what i drink coz of lack of PMA but think i will go and have a sprinkling of baby dust and join you for another dance of opps up side your head,lol

    ****IWAP dances off for a little sprinkling and then heads for dance floor again****
  • Genious SB!! You cannot beat a good BBQ, with cheesy music and lots to drink!!

    'Oops upside your head, I said oops upside your head'!!!!

  • Hi girls, SB made me come....not really in the mood. But if I can just pop in and have some babydust, I might feel a bit better??

    *mithical goes through the door, gets showered in babydust, and joins the party in the sunshine feeling a little bit better*

    So who's on bbq duty, hot dog please... xx
  • Hi Mithical, glad you could make it. Hopeful a bit of a boogie, some babydust and sunshine will help you feel a bit better.

    *hands over hot dog*, kethcup, mustard etc over there.

    Do you want some fizz??

  • here you go girls i have got some salade for you all.
    all this dancing has worn me out going to go and do a bit of shopping and will be back later

    ****IWAP goes thro and has another small sprinkling of baby dust and heads of for a hours worth of stress free shopping****

    "i will get some more fizz whilst im out"
  • lol, anything with alcohol thanks!

    *mithical gratefully receives her drink, and takes a big gulp*

    Ok, so boogie it is.... Y.M.C.A, it's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.... *mithical nearly spills her drink, with the hand movements* Whoops, don't wnat to waste it ! Lol Lovely hot dog by the way... xx
  • LPC whispered there was some al fresco drinkies food and fun. So I thought I would say coooeeee. Brandishes smile and bic biro at the ready...
    Have bought some chips and dips mmm doritos and pudding girls. Cheesecake do?
    Thought some cold champers might be in order and bought you a smoothie for you SB

    She dons shades and takes glug of cold fizz

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  • I have new potatoes and diet sausages_Mmmm yummy!!!!,glad its nice for the bbq cos its peeing it down here!!!
  • PS my avatar has done a bunk - not with my PMA as thats coming back. Mysterious
  • Welcome JJ - glad you could make it!! Did you bring houmous?

    The fizz seems to be going down well and I've just got SB some OJ too. We can always make you a 'cyber' bucksfizz. That means it's not really alcoholic but has the same effect!!!!

    I won't be able to hang around too much longer. I have to dash soon but am having great fun on the dancefloor.

    Mithical almost got me with her fizz when she was doing the YMCA!!!

    On to another random fling your arms around song.......


    *MrsH is currently jumping off a chair making superman gestures - you would not believe that she was 30!*

  • Hi hjanea!! Rubbish that it's peeing it down where you were. Glad you could make it to the party and get a bit of our sunshine!!

  • Yes please Mrs H- a big one as I'm not ttcing this month!!
  • Hey the music's stopped? Here we go....

    Oh no, the Macarena who cued that one up....oh well, here we go....

    Doody doody, blah , blah Macarena, hey Macarena!

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