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She had to rear her ugly head....a week early!!!

Am so brassed off, af arrived a week earlier than expected totally scuppering all my plans, boo!

and we tried really hard this month too, never bd so much in all my life! and to make things worse i am really heavy (tmi sorry!) and have really bad period pains, which i not had for ages.

Anyway on with the game just had to have a rant!! xx


  • What a stupid witch!! Why can't she be trustworthy and just tunr up when she's supposed to and not ruin everything. It's almost like she's laughing at us!!

    Keep you chin up, it's summer now and there are more babies conceived in the summer than any other time!!

  • Oh thats a shame Nina, what cd were you on? keep positive, its like the summer of lurrve dude!!! ha ha LOL
    good luck for july xxx
  • hi fiona, i was on cd 27 but i usually have quite a long cycle, i thought i was due on next tuesday! i have only been off the pill just over a month though so maybe my body is still sorting itself out, i always had light periods on my pill and they were quite regular, but who knows what is going on, i certainly dont!!! x
  • Hi Nina, witch found me as well. She;s obviously doing the rounds...hitting one then moving on. What a b*tch! Onto July! xx
  • shame. At least you can get on with ttc for july!
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