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Hi ladies.....I'm back!

Hi all, I'm trying again after shock of having a BFP and MC all in the same week before my wedding! We tried for a honeymoon baby but I think my body just wasn't ready.
I'm looking forward to chatting with you all.
Good luck! x x


  • So sorry to hear about your mc. Hope you had a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous honeymoon! Sending you buckets of extra sticky babydust xxx
  • hi hun welcome back!! sorry abot your loss, i went through mc too a few months ago so were here if u need to talk!! hugs and kisses! good luck this time hope u get that bfp soon!!!
  • hello and welcome back - am so sorry to hear about mc. i'm trying again too after mc and so are a few others so we can all support each other lots image
    good luck hun xxxxxx
  • Hi and welcome back, sorry to hear about your mc but hope you had a fab wedding and an amazing honeymoon. Take care and good luck.
  • Welcome back. sorry for your loss. Hope you get your bfp very soon!

    ************babydust*************** xx

    btw, how cute is the lo in your avatar! What a lovely picture! image

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  • Thanks everyone, I feel very welcome. My lo is 14 months and she was a surprise, so I never had the joy of trying before. Truth be known I'm a little scared of being obsessed by the whole thing! It seems to to take over!
  • Hi Lisa Marie. Ttc can take over, very easily, obsession is a side effect! If you can try not to get to obssessed, for most if you are as relaxed as you can be it appears to happen sooner. xx
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