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I haven't been here for ages!! Tiredness as a symptom...

HI Ladies,

I literally haven't been on here for ages so many of you probably won't remember me - hi to those who don't.

My hubby and I have been TTC since last August, but with having quite long cycles (29-35 days) and life getting in the way a bit, I think we're on proper trying cycle 8.

I stopped coming on here in October after I had an early miscarriage as to be honest i think it was making me worse, stresing me out every month, but I knew I couldn't resist for ever!

Anyhoo. I've been using OPKs for the last few months and I gt a positive read last Monday day 17. Since Saturday day 33 5 dpo I have been shattered. It's like an insipid tiredness, it's hard to get up in the morning i'm sleepy and i tried to go to the gym last night which is a bit of a disaster as I could hardly do anything. I know DH is getting excited but I've tried to stop him as after this long you learn not to get your hopes up. My nipples and boobs behind them are a little tender - i notice in bed or if i knock them.

Has anyone else had this tiredness as a symptom so early on? I know logically its far too early to tell and I don't intend to test until my longest cycle length has passed, but it is making me wonder..

Thanks girls

Rach :\?


  • Hi Rach, so sorry to hear about your mc...I felt really tired and unwell yesterday for the first time...I even slept inthe afternoon which I never do....I'm only 7dpo today....keeping fingers crossed for you and sending you loads of baby dust.



  • Thanks Nat, baby dust back to you!!

    I know it's weird feeling tired esp as it's not something I've had before. Last time I started to feel quite sick every afternoon about two days before my AF was due but I wasn't tired and now it's lasted a week.

    I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed for both of us whilst trying not to get my hopes up - lol.

    Rach x
  • I was nauseous yesterday afternoon and this afternoon while doing shopping...in the morning I'm fine, when are you due on?
  • Hi,

    Probably next thursday or friday (day 34 or 35) but I try no to get too excited until I pass 36 days as they have been that long in the past so i actually have a 3ww - lucky me! But I know I got the timing right this month so I am hoping, but hey after this long I realise that it doesn't mean a lot.

    We're planning to go the the docs in August if nothing by then so I feel like my time is running out!!

    When are you due? Will you test before? I'm a bit of a wimp with that!

    Rach x
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