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anyone used them 10 miu tests???

okay, been traling the net (i know i shouldn't lol) cos i keep getting BFN on my 10 miu strips and i'm 6 days late.

this morning, at 5:07am lol, i got up and tested and i got an extremely faint line, but me and OH (after i got him up) could see it.

i took a boots 2 pks for ??4.99 with the pink + and got neg with them a couple of days ago,, what do i do??

driving myself bonkers here lol



  • maybe test again tomorrow it can't hurt. Are'nt the 10 miu ones more sensitive than the normal shop ones? thats wot I read on the leaflet that came with mine as part of an ovulation/pregnancy test kit. Good luck hope you get your BFP, keep us posted xx

  • Some bfp's take their time to come up. Either test in a couple of days, or try a CBD or First response. xx
  • Get a CBD and test again hun. Your not alone I was testing at 5.30 am but my test was a dud! Good luck.
  • hey socks, lol, good to know i'm not the only poas addict image

    just done another one, and within lke20 secs there is a faint line, but no sure is it's an evap line (grrrr at them)???
    like you saw i'm going to have to get a branded one and try.

    i wonder if i ov later than i thought,,, that could make sense with all these tests, and also, feeling queezy, but not full on sick, got tender boobs and had some (TMI alert),,,snot/jelly like stuff come out of 'there' when i wipe, sooooooo not nice! lol

    cheers for the replys image

    good luck to you all image

  • a line is a line even if it's faint. Try again in a few days (at least you get to keep poas!!)
  • You are pregnant! Congratulations! A line is a line.
    I got my bfp with with those tests and it was v v v faint at first. Get a Clear Blue digital - that spells it out in words and then you will believe it!!
  • I would give it a day or 2 then try a CBD. Ive used the 10Miu ones but never got a line, only a faint one which must have been evaporation line.
  • but should it still be v v v faint even if i'm late for AF??

  • Some bfp's do take their time. The hCG could just be building up slowly. It's af or another test! lol xx
  • lol, yep i'll test again image
    would a clear blue digital be a waste of money right now?
  • ok girls, tested with a 25miu or great and got a v faint line! defo a line there thou image

    i'm thrilled, this could be it,, gonna get a preg test later lol

  • ooh another BFP then, congratulations sounds like you are pregnant to me. sending sticky babydust and congrats again.
    Filo x
  • image thanks hun,,,

    i'm so worried thou, cos i lost at 6-7 weeks before, and i've got light cramping, hope this is normal image

    also, does anyone know what the CBD hcg level it detects is? just dont wanna go testing if its too low to detects still lol

  • i think its 50 miu but i tested at 8dpo and got a + on it. Maybe get one to do in morning your hcg levels should double every couple of days. ive lost 2 babies at 6 weeks.
    Try not to panic i too have lost baby early on but this time i had cramps and so did a few ladies in dec forum on and off for few weeks. Take care and fingers crossed.
    Filo x

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  • When I got a v faint line with the 10 mui ebay ones I did a cd digi that afternoon and it came up pregnant so give it a go! But def sounds like you are pg to me! x
  • image

    ooo you ladies are getting me excited lol

    i'm gonna convince OH to let me go and buy a digital one! lol, i still have my FMU with me, so can i still use that? (i always collect it)#

    tanks for the replies! xxx
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