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Is This Normal?

Hello All,

I am on CD24 and on wednesday i had increased discharge, but it was more white than clear so unlike OV signs.

Does anyone know what this means??



  • Your cm gets thicker post ov. Do you know when you ov'd, how long are your cycles? xx
  • My cycles are normally 28 days sometimes a day or two over. I just wasn't sure as i don't normally have cm during ov and i didn't know if it was a bit strange for it to increase quite a bit for about 2 days? I think it was too late to be ov cm though.xx
  • You would be ov'ing anywhere around CD 13-18 I think, as luteal phase (after ov) is usually 10-14 days. Each individual's LP only alters by a day either way.

    Each person is different. Increased cm can be a sign of pg. But so can a lot of things, as well as being a sign of impending af.

    It's not something to worry about. Hope you get a bfp. xx
  • thanks for the help mithical. There is so much to think about when trying to conceive. Just hope af doesn't find me next week.

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