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could af be on her way?

as you may know i had a very light bleed last week for only a day and a half but now i feel the way i feel when she is due to make an appearance? but there is nothing, i feel sort of heavy does this sound not so good? :\?


  • Are you actually late? Have you tested? I had a very small bleed Tuesday got my BFP yesterday and I was convinced AF was on her way. May not be a bad sign xx
  • When are you due? You most likely had implantation!
  • i had my bleed 3 days early before af was due nothing enough for a pad or anything, i did a test yesterday a digital jobby but was bfn it just feels like shes coming but nothing, i was going to wait until end of july to retest because i keep getting my hopes up how soon do you think i should leave it? xx congrats btw well done you 2 xx
  • So you are actually late now then? You may be PG as she hasn't arried yet! My cousins did not show until 8 wks on a test, even though she had it confirmed by blood test! I think they recommend testing once a week if nothing xx Good luck hun xx
  • really once a week? my eldest daughter said to do that i think she more excited than us!!! are the cheaper tests just as good as the expensive ones, and thank you xx
  • I can't say about cheap / expensive as not had a BFP yet!! but from what I have read the cheap ones should work just as well if you are PG as they are the ones the NHS use! I am testing on ebay cheqp ones, and then if I am unsure I will test on FR or CBD to check! I must admit I did a FR yesterday as it was a day early - but BFN! Still no AF though so I am now in limbo like you! I think they say once a week as that gives more time for HCG to show. I guess you could do it twice a week tho if you are a POAS addict - but only if you could cope with poss more BFN's! Good luck hun xx
  • thanks and good luck to you too xx
  • I got my bfp immediately on a boots one. You sound the same as me hun so chin up. I was 3 days late when I tested. I would definately test again once a week like the other say. good luck x
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