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Advice please?!



  • Well, I think it is as they say, all over now....

    After the spotting last night, I felt really (TMI warning) engorged down there and this morning when I got up I had started bleeding with a dark red flow. When I was sat on the loo I began to feel really dizzy, lightheaded, sick and could feel my heart pounding against my chest as though I was about to faint so I quickly scuttled back to bed. The cramps have continued and I have taken yet more analgesia for it but after breakfast, the same thing happened again but this time it wasnt resolved by laying down, I just had overwhelming tiredness. Hubby sent me to bed where I have been sleeping for the past couple of hours despite my 10 hours sleep last night - and I still feel tired now, actually, I feel exhausted and I have no energy whatsoever. :roll:

    I dont recall ever feeling like this.... Well, I wont be testing with you guys on Tuesday now, so I wish you all the best, I'm sure you will both get your BFPs - I will be waiting with baited breath!!!

  • sorry to hear that hun and sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.

    hope you feel better soon and that july will be a very positive month xxxxxxx
  • Well, feeling a little better now, my appetite has come back and I have taken fluconazole for the thrush. Bleeding is still quite light in flow but deep red in colour (sorry, TMI). I dont really feel too disappointed at the moment, I guess because I have been feeling crappy over yesterday and today, but hubby is disappointed which makes me feel like a fraud :\( BBs are no longer tender or sore and I still have the cramps but nothing like they were yesterday.

    So, we shall move on to next month and hope that my cycle recovers to its usual habit. Oh, and apparently I'm being horrible to hubby, :roll:, dont mean to be but I feel so hot and irritable he keeps winding me up, lol! Its not his fault bless him.

    How is everyone else's symptoms going and how are you all feeling?


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  • it could be implantation as that can be browny/pink. I have also heard some people get lots of CM when PG. I would wait another couple of days and do another test - prob FR or CB! Good luck xx
  • Thanks for your optimism Immense, but I really do think Im out for this month, I would say the flow, although not as heavy I would expect, particuarly with the cramps is definately menstrual - very dark blood (TMI).

    How are you doing today Immense? Still hiding?


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  • I'm sorry Mrs S1258 - Good luck for next mth then xx yes I am definitely still in hiding and have not had any symptoms whatsoever today - really odd if AF is coming as i have really painful ones usually! Have done ever since I was 13 even on the pill!!
  • Hi Mrs S, sorry she found you. Come into July with me.....! xx
  • Thanks mithical, Im already there!! image I have had to alter my dates on it though as I have gone 4 days later (which never happens) so hoping it will be back to 28 days again...

    Is your PMA on the up??


  • Hiya girls.

    I've been away for the weekend, and just turned this on. Mrs S - I must say that reading this thread has had me completely enthralled in your little science experiment, it's been really entertaining - I'm sorry it's ended with you feeling lousy though.

    I'm also out this month, AF turned up on Saturday and I've been feely crappy with it too.

    So, let's all get our pma up and really concentrate on July!

  • NOOOOOO! :\(

    Oh MrsS, Im so sorry the nasty witch has found you! I really thought you were going to be telling us all about your bfp. Sorry you are feeling so ill too, there seems to be something in the air as quite a few are off colour.

    Really really hope your cycles stop messing around, and that you get a lovely July bfp! Good luck hun. Hope you are feeling much better soon xxx

  • Thanks BB4, I will get down to the gym tomorrow and do something productive seeing as I didnt go at all last week!

    How are you feeling today? Only 2 days till you test right??? Lots of PMA still?


  • Ummm, PMA...what's that again...! lol At the moment it's not very high. I'm going to use pre-seed this coming cycle. So when that arrives it'll climb a little I think!

    Don't know what it is, I had a 29 day cycle, and didn't even get to test. So that has brought me down a bit, I think. But my longest has been 33, so am sticking to waiting until the 33rd day on the test list. Roll on ov! xx
  • Well, as this cycle has been a 32 day cycle, I think any future tests will have to wait until that point. I have gotten over (I hope) my POAS obsession, so I will have to distract myself with something else. I'm more positive about this month in the sense of not getting too carried away with myself, just carrying on as normal and waiting and seeing what happens (image hmmm, I hope this PMA lasts...)

    Sending you some PMA to apply where you feel necessary Mithical!!!


  • Well..... no! :lol: I have had af type cramps today, and not feeling nauseous. coffee tasted fine too. I am also really bloated which usually happens a few days b4 af starts. So I am grimly trying to hold on to my pma, but can feel it slipping away bit by bit! Will still test on Tuesday (if no sign of af) but not really holding out much hope anymore.

    Still, July is a good month to get a bfp, as long as its not and April Fools baby! :lol: xx

  • Well, I figure it will probably be best if it takes us a few months till we get our BFP anyway as then I will get Christmas off!!! :lol:image.....hehehe

    Im feeling better as the day goes on and my PMA is definately on the rise, so I am sending some over to you too BB4 so you have plenty to spare if some does dwindle away!!

    Its not over till the fat lady shows her ugly face so my fingers are firmly crossed for you


  • Thanks Mrs S, PMA safely stored for future use! xx
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