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What Not To Eat Before And During Pregnancy?

Hello Everyone!

I know you're not supposed to eat takeaways and certain cheeses but there are a load of other stuff that I don't know about! Does anyone know the ins and outs of this? :\)


  • runny egg, homemade mayo, cant think of anything else at the mo x
  • There is no way I'm giving up soft boiled eggs or rare steak. I can understand why some people follow these rules to the letter but most of them are just to avoid food poisoning, which can be avoided by using good quality, fresh ingredients in a clean environment.
    The liver thing and mercury things are ones to stick to though, as they contain stuff that can harm a foetus.
  • I agree SB - which is why I said some things do need to be heeded, but some stuff is much more about being sensible. There's no harm in having a dish of fresh from the sea prawns - but don't risk a supermarket packet that's just past it's sell-by date.
    I will definitely avoid liver products and unpasteurised cheeses, and I don't take caffeine or eat more than two portions of fish in a week anyway.
  • I hadn't heard about takeaways either and have had a couple!
    Re the food poisoning issue, your body's defences are lowered when pg as they are protecting the baby, hence you are more likely to get food poisoning from these foods that before.
  • i think with regards to caffeine you can have upto 200mg a day, and dont forget that includes chocolate!!!!!
    Im not sure but i think I can remember that you cant eat soft ice cream? xxx
  • errr, why not take aways?

    on my 3rd pregnancy and have had takeaways with all of them with no problems? obv, some can give a funny tummy, but typical stay away from them any way.

    I also have a lot of sushi and shop bought ready fish, mostly cook mussels and prawns.

    some food is worth avoiding, i.e raw meets, raw eggs, and too much tuna, shark/ marlin, but don't get too hung up on food, you'll want the bad stuff even more.
  • Re the take away thang... I think its just that you can't determine how the food has been prepared.
    Hope that helps particularly if you have a craving for Chicken Tikka or beef in black bean sauce.
    Compeletly off pregnancy topic but never re-heat take away rice. Can give nasty food poisoning (bacillus cereus) surprised me as rice seems such an innocent thing
  • I don't know where I read about takeaways but I think it's because you don't know if the food is properly cooked and also what they actually put in their food. I heard that you can't eat stuff like KFC, Burger King etc, is this true? I hardly eat takeaways anyway but like the odd one every now and then!
  • So can you eat fried eggs with a runny yoke?
  • My parents have chickens so I know their eggs are safe-yay runny eggs! (although have gone off eggs at the mo!)x
  • i have never heard of the take-away thing either but have heard of the rest. rememeber not to drink too much coke or fizzy not only coz of the caffien but because of the sugar in it. i drunk too much when pregnant with my LO and it raised my blood sugars so much i couldnt get then back down and ended up with gestational diabetes which then meant no fizzy,choc,biscuits,ect ect
  • i was gutted to learn you cant have the 'mr whippy' ice cream !!! lol
  • i do eat out occasionally and have odd take away and im not avoiding them i think as long as there are piping hot then should be fine. i dont like runny eggs anyway and so always have hard boiled. i dont eat liver as i dont eat meat,i dont ike ice cream much unless its a bar like magnum ect. i dont eat soft ice cream. i do wash all fruit and veg before i eat and only eat fish 2x a wk.
    i dont drink anyway or drink coffee and went off tea at 5 wks and drink decaf anyway.
    i do occasionall buy ready sandwhiches at supermarkets kept in fridge as i no they stoke them daily,my gp said this was fine as they be made with pasturised mayo and that as these days it rare not too. i think we can drive ourself nutts with do and donts,im just being sensible really
  • emmj, I have chickens so I know my eggs are safe, samonella is caused by unhygeinic(sp?) conditions, still I tend to have a solid yoke most of the time anyway,
  • I haven't heard of takeaways either!! the other thing you should aviod - if you have cats you should get someone else to clean the litter tray or wear gloves cos of the risk of toxomasplosis!

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  • that's very true!! lol!! I only know that cos I have a gorgeous cat!! have you taken the stray (?) to the vets yet?
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