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CD 52

Please can I have a winge. :cry: Its my 2nd cycle off the pill. 1st cycle was 40 days and I am now on CD 52 BFN and totally fed up now. I don't even feel like AF is coming yet but have done previously this cycle. I was convinced it was coming the other day. Gah sory to moan :roll:


  • You moan ahead!! I hope I don't follow you (no nastiness intended!) cos my 1st cycle was 40 days and I am now 3days late!! I had cramps like AF was coming right up until due date and then everything stopped!! How may tests have you done? What are you using? You could still be PG - my cousin had hers confirmed by blood test and nothing showed on a test until she was 8wks gone!!
  • Hey Shellk,

    I know how you feel (although I don't want to worry you that your situation might be as bad as mine). My first cycle was 51 days and this is my 2nd cycle now on day 103. the last few days I've had a tiny amount of spotting mixed with ewcm. No idea what's going on but VERY FED UP!!!!!
  • Hey, I can sympathise, I came off the pill 23rd May and no AF yet, not even feeling like its coming! I hate it already, have no patience whatsoever, so I feel for you Shellk!

    I was wondering how long I should wait with no AF before going to the docs? Or would they just tell me to go away?
  • Rach - I went to the docs, and they did blood tests. I'd had no AF for 8 weeks. Blood tests inconclusive but if next cycle is as bad, I'm going back, and thinking of asking for Clomid.

    Good luck to you all - its so frsutrating.
  • Thanks Flush, think I will wait til its been 2months then go to docs!
  • Immense im using the e bay cheapies and have done around 6 tests now. (its addictive when they are so cheap!!) I hope all of our cycles get back to normal soon its frustrating!. Babydust to everyone xx
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