BFN and opinions needed!

So I poas this morning and -ve surprise surprise!

So today I should start on the tablets to bring on my period.however, since yesterday I've had some really strong af style cramping which makes me think that she may just be on the way. Nothing like a trip to the docs to scare the witch into action!! Anyway nothing as of yet but I'm thinking that it's best to wait a few days to see if she shows herself as that has got to be better than forcing it if it's nearly here, right?

So whilst I'm monitering the cramping I thought I may as well do some cervix checking (passers the time), LOL. Anyway my cervix was really high and there was quite a bit of white (perhaps milky watery not thick lotion) cm, more than I've had up there in a while, LOL. Not sure if cervix was hard or soft as it was too high really to tell but it confused me. I thought I should be dry and low? I then thought of K-Lou's post and remembered that she was confused to and af came!

Do you think it's possible to be O now? OPK's don't seem to work for me but I have 2 left (for special occasions), should I do one anyway?? (I don't temp, YET), Cramping is seriously af style, do any of you go high and milky before af? (cervix obviously, just read how crap I'm sounding). Hopefully af will show up before my 4 hrs would be up to poas as I want to move on now. Stupid doc should have done the bloods and then I've have started the tablets anyway, gggrrr. (CD86 btw)

Yet another long ramble from me, sorry ladies but just needed to write it down xxx I hate my body :evil:


  • Not sure what to say really, other than where did you find out how to check your cervix?!
    Ive not done any of this but thinking prehaps I should try!

    Sorry Ive not been any more help. Maybe use an ov stick now, you never know and if your cycle has been all over the shop it could be the case.
  • I can't really help, but my cervix and cm sounds identical to yours, and I should be 1dpo today. Although I can't be 100% that I actually am.

    I reckon you should wait for two more days before taking your pills, just in case af turns up.
  • Mrs Dickson - I started checking my cervix more often for this cycle, so about 80 days ago, LOL. If you type cervix checking in google or wherever then loads comes up. Supposed to take a while to notice changes etc but it's supposed to go high, soft and open before O and hard, low and closed before and after I think but can go high again if pg. I'm no expert and mine goes all over the shop but an extra 'free' thing to try. 2 more hrs before poas then but never get +ve so another passing the time exercise, LOL.

  • On AF turning up: I waited eight weeks, went to the doctors, had barrage of blood tests... only for AF to kindly put in an appearance before the results were back....

    So: the moral of the story: AF turns up at the wrong time, especially when you're going for medical intervention. I'd wait a couple of days if I was you.

    Good luck!
  • Hi L - thanks for reply, will poas but no doubt -ve as that would be too good to be true. I have no idea if and when I O and I haven't BD'd since 'at least' last week. Will then give it a couple of days for af before taking the pills, thanks hun x Goodluck to you, hope you caught the egg!
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