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I can't believe it!

Af arrived this morning, I knew it was coming because of the pains yesterday and mild cramps early this morning but im just shocked that it was only a 28day cycle. I dont remember the last time I had a textbook cycle as I ov on cd15 too. My cycles have been 31, 32, 33 most recently so now I dont know what to do for my ticker? :\)
Im also shocked that Im not bothered that Ive come on, Im quite happy actually!! :lol:
Well Im on month 9 now CD1.....

*************baby dust***************


  • Oh honey sorry she arrived early- not sure if thats the right thing to say?!
    Onwards and upwards to regular "textbook" cycles!!!
  • No im glad she arrived early since I wasnt pg I would rather get on with this month now! How are you getting on babe?? x

  • yep, at least they are regular.
    mine have just come regular again (i think) so am onto next month with you!

    Lets hope this month is our month image

  • hey fiona.....its great that you have PMA and are raring to go for this month!!!

    good lucjk and i hope you keep having the textbook cycles!!! xxx
  • Thanks girls! Its just sunk in that I have to wait AGAIN to BD then for AF or BFP to arrive, oh the joy! LOL x
    its never ending man....
  • Oh honey sorry that she found you, but thats great it was 28 days image You can now come onto next month with me image

    K xx
  • I know we have caught up with each other again! Think I will be ov on or around 16th July!!! xxxxxxx
  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I had such a good feeling about it this month image well if you two have af it'll be a matter of days 4 me!!!! OH fi im so disapointed 4 u xxxxxxxxxxxxx BIG HUGS Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • thanks twizzlepie.... BIG HUGS back! hehe
    Its up to you to give us some good news now xxxxxxxx
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