Congrats to all the recent BFP's!!!!!

Title says it all!

Been away from here for the past week or so, and there seem to have been loads of BFP's, so rather than reply to each one individually I thought it would be better to just post a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you all (safet too incase I accidentaly missed anyone! :lol: )

Hope you all have really H&H pg's! image xxxx


  • aahh thanks so much bb4. Goodluck with your own ttc and cant wait to see you BFP post on the forum. Will keep checking everyone everyday to see who else can join me on the pregnancy forum from the ttc forum xxxx
  • bb4 not sure if i have missed any news from you but have you tested or got af yet?? xxx
  • oops sorry just realised i have missed your other post... i hope you get a clear answer soon - preferably a BFP! xx
  • Thanks so much.
    baby dust your way x
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