Im losing the plot here!

Hi Ladies

As some of you know, im in month 2 of TTC and have been getting BFN's so far this month.

But im not on CD 40 of a usual 30 day cycle and still no AF and as of Friday still BFN!

What is going on?!!

I dont feel like im going to get AF, but at the same time so whats going on!?

Ive also had so much CM this weekend that its actually gone through my knickers and onto my trousers - sorry if TMI!

Im going to try and get a doctors appointment this week and see if i get any joy there.

Any thoughts of advice you may have would be incredible welcome - as the title says, im losing the plot big time!!


  • Hi Mrs Dickson. Unfortunately it could just be that your cycles haven't settled down yet! Very frustrating, but entirely normal.

    I think it's a good idea that you are going to see the dr, they might be able to put your mind at rest.

    You say it was a potentially 30 day cycle, when was your ov? A bfp would have shown by now, if you are about 25 dpo! But sometimes they have taken longer, as has been explained in your other threads.

    Sorry not much help, hope you get some joy with dr. xx
  • Oh hun I can't believe you are still waiting for AF. I have read on here your first real AF could come on time but then your second can take awhile? I would say maybe seeing if you can get to see the dr he might do a blood test just to rule out that you are not preg?

    I am sorry your stuck here though as it's sooo frustrating.

    k XX
  • The thing is, ive been off the pill for 6 months now and had really regular cycles, so I have no idea why now things have started to mess up?
    I really dont know when I ovulated, I keep thinking what is perhaps I ovulated really late and perhaps thats why no AF and no BFP?

    I dont know what top think anymore!
  • You can get a random cycle for no reason, it happens. Definitely seems like a visit to the dr's would be a good idea. Hopefully they can provide an answer for you. xx
  • I bloody hope so!

    Except my dr's are so crap I cant ring untill after 1pm to get an appointment!!!
  • lol, just testing your patience more! xx
  • HI,

    Hang in there. Sam thing happened to me I was a regular 28 day girl and then suddenly I went to 36 days and since it has been saying everything in between. But saying that one of my close friends didn't get a positive result until 2 weeks after her af was due with her son and he's now 2! It could be either. When it happens to me I plan for my af arriving - that way you can only be pleased not disapointed!

    Rach x
  • As the girls have said sadly you can just get one that is messed up. Loads of things affect your AF stress even if you don't feel it, illness , if your taking any meds? so many things. I would try and get the app though and see what they say they have to check it out.

    k xx
  • Because I got BFN on Wednesday and Friday last week, I thought roll on AF. I had a little cry of dissappointment and was ready to move on. Ive been away for the weekend and really tried to relax and not think about it.

    Been running to the loo thing I had come on as was so wet, and when I got there it was CM not AF!

    Good luck to the rest of you - will keep you posted.
  • oh hun, you could still b pg, alot of people say how they dont get a bfp till 6 weeks pg or so, fingers crossed honey xxxx
  • Thanks Twizzlepie!
    Im trying not to get my hopes up to much though as I will be all dissappointed again.

    I have lots of people who have been pregnant before saythat it does sound positive and simular to their situations, but im still not sure!
  • go to the docs hun, make them give u a blood test! atleast then you'll know xxxx
  • hey sounds really silly but sometimes when your ttc and your hoping you dont come on it can delay it, maybe because of the stress. i hav a 2 year old and the mth before i conceived him i was 2 weeks late and kept gettin bfn. i went to the doc and thats what she told me. the next day i came on. good luck though x
  • Thank ladies.

    I have just phoned and got a docs appointment for tomorrow night with a really nice female dr, so hopefully she will be understanding and helpful.
    Will keep you updated, as always!!
  • Thank ladies.

    I have just phoned and got a docs appointment for tomorrow night with a really nice female dr, so hopefully she will be understanding and helpful.
    Will keep you updated, as always!!
  • I hope you get good support and advice from your GP. Two weeks after I missed my fist period in May my GP told me there was no way I could be pregant as a blood test on the day my period was due came back negative. I found her very unsupportive. I did a urine test at the FPC a week later which was also -ve, they told me to wait another month before taking any action. It's now 9 weeks from my last period and I did a hpt this morning which was still negative. I had cramping and felt like my period was about to start for several weeks from the week before my first missed period. Now I don't get much cramping at all, I have a tingling sensation in my tummy which has been there for 7 weeks. I would try not to worry too much about the hpt results, even though it is disappointing, try to listen to your body. You're not alone, I'm losing the plot too without knowing what's going on but hang in there and try not to stress if your GP can't help. Although my breasts are painful, they're a reassuring reminder to me that something is going on down there. Have you any other symptoms yet?
  • Thanks for sharing lightweight - I hope you get either BFP or AF soon.
    I feel even more like I could be pregnant today. Last night had really strong metalic taste in my mouth, having lots of dizzy spells and my breast are really heavy and sore.
    Not sure how im gonna make it through the day before doctors appointment tonight!
  • i really hope so mrs dickson, all those sounds so positive, what time is the docs? xxxx
  • Im going to the doctors at 5.45 tonight - thats ages away!!!
    But im really hoping I will find something out, one way or anyother.
    Im prepared that she may tell me its all in my head and that im not pregnant and nothing wrong.
    Ive printed out all my cycle information off of my monthly cycle from the last 6 months to show cycle length and length of period. Do you think doctor would want to see that?
  • I really hope tonight that the doctor can tell you, and I will keep everything cross for you that it's a BFP image

    K xxx
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