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Hi Nat,

Just wanted to ask you whether you can get the persona monitors and sticks out there?

I've got a day off today and Im soooo bored - already cleaned out the gerbils and cleaned all the bathrooms and been shopping today!!


  • Just replied on your other thread...they don't sell the persona here either...you can get the OPKs here but I doubt they sell any monitors.

    You've been super busy today, wow....I'm on two weeks school holidays as of today so enjoying every minute.
  • :lol: I know, I really should enjoy it more, especially as the sun is out, but its still a bit windy!

    Thats a real shame they dont have anything like that out there, what a pain, it was just a thought but I think they are both made by the same company, doh! Thats so bizarre that they dont have anything like that over there though, how odd :\?

    My thermometer should be arriving in the next couple of days so that will be my new toy to play with!! image Prior to this I was on YYAW obsessing about wedding plans so it has to move onto somewhere...

    Have you got much planned for your 2 weeks holiday?

  • I miss the UK just for the fact that you can buy anything and everything over there....at least I know when I ovulate most of the time so thats a bonus....

    As far as the hols go, I don't have anything planned except a massage and facial on Friday morning...have to stay home as we're having some repairs done this weekas well...will spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen cooking some nice dinners as during work time theres not much time, so wanna spoil hubby a bit over the next two weeks.
  • Oooo, sounds lovely, I really want to start going for a regular massage, think it would help chill me out a bit more!! image

    Do you watch Neighbours? I know you guys are way ahead there but I have been watching it last week and this week and have really got into it again!!! I really need to start going to the gym more dont I?!?

  • I used to watch Neighbours, but haven't watched it ow for a while...I think I will catch up on it again over the next two weeks...Like you I need to do more exercise so I've taken out my Davina dvd and am starting again in the morning...will let you know how it goes...
  • Aha, the good ole Davina DVD - I've got one of hers, got the Ministry of Sound dance workout too which is quite good.

    The reason I was asking about Neighbours is because Rosie is pregnant and was told it was a hydatidiform mole but today she went back for the scan and the mole is still there, but there's a heartbeat too...just wondered what the outcome was as its quite an interesting topic!!!

    I think I will try and drag hubby to the gym with me tonight, although he was home at lunchtime and made it very clear that he wanted to practice the old BDing!!!


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