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Casually or crazy?

How long did it take you from, 'casually trying' to 'completely consumed'?

I am just about to ttc and want it to be a casual thing but imagine I will give myself only one month before I will be hiding to pounce the OH on OV day!


  • it took me and my partner 7 months of 'when ever we could 'with my daughter but this time its been 9 months and counting image
  • About 12 hours! :lol:
  • oooh - I would say about 3wks!! lol xx I am now on mth 3 and am going to relax this month and not symptom spot (but I do have AC and EPO to take and OPK to test - so not that relaxed!!)
  • hehe at ShellK. i think i lasted until CD9 or so on the first month! then i was completely consumed! (by that i mean i rushed out to buy some ov tests!).
  • hehe took me about three weeks to start on the whole hunting him down as soon as got home from work :lol:
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