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PMA from symptom spotting

Hi Girls, I'm not much of a symptom spotter but I have been feeling quite queasy since yesterday and a bit heartburn-y which has made me start getting my hopes up a little. I did feel nauseous before AF last month, but only about 2 days before and I should be about 6 days before now.
How is everyone elses PMA at the moment?


  • Ohhh I have my fingers crossed for you image

    Mine is good i feel relax about the whole thing and if it does not work this month that is ok I will keep trying till it does :-0

    k xx


  • I agree K-Lou. I've realised that I'm not really in any rush to get pregnant. If it takes a year or so then that's fine, and if it happens sooner then that's great too.

  • It's true I never felt like that the firat two months I was really praying I would be a lucky one but actually i am ok with it taking awhile and the more relaxed we are about it the better it will be in the long runimage

    K xx
  • I am with you both - I am relaxing from this month as I said back in Feb before we even started that I would ideally like it to happen in september anyway (i'd love a june baby lol ). I think I forgot that for the first couple of months tho image I ahve realised that it will happen when it happens and lots of symptom spotting doesn't get you anywhere!! I hope yours is good tho - good luck xx
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