When will you tell everyone?

How long after your BFP will you tell everyone?

I don't want "people" to know till I've reached 12 weeks, but I would like close family and friends to know a bit before. Don't want MIL to know too soon though as she'll spread it around everyone and that'll really annoy me! When we got engaged we called her, then tried my mum and then called hubby's grandmother - who already knew! Apparently us getting engaged was the MIL's " news to tell"!!

I also like the idea of just me and hubby knowing for a little while, it'd be an ace secret image


  • well when i got bfp in april i lasted about 30mins before i texted my best friend to tell her, then i told the girl i work with (as i was feeling sick), then we told parents the next day, and had to tell aunts the following day. so it soon spread in the immediate family.

    but i felt quite under pressure because everyone was getting so excited for me and they wanted to tell others but i wanted to wait until 12 week scan. i couldn't cope with their pressure/excitement any more as i wanted to be excited too and i went for early scan at 10weeks but it was bad news image

    so basically if i get bfp we have decided not to tell anyone until at least the 12 week scan!!! longer if poss! as you say it would be a nice little secret to have image

  • Aww, mrs_e I'm sorry image

    I doubt I could keep a secret for that long, but then I suppose the first 4 has already gone....
  • I would like to pay for an early preg scan at 7/8 weeks then put it in a card and send to everyone and say 'look forward to meeting you soon' (for close friends and family)
  • When i had my lo I told my mum & dad and best mate at 6 weeks then MIL at 8 weeks and swore them to secrecy. I told everyone else after my 12 week scan.

    I thought it would be really hard to keep it in as i was so excited but i actually enjoyed having something so lovely just between me and dh. So i agree with you gypsy i would keep it secret again until after 12 weeks.
    Plus it's nice to show your scan pics off when you tell people!!
    Maxi xxx
  • Awww, that's a nice idea image

    I would like to tell all the immediate family together, but I'd never get them all in the same room at once! I'm hating the idea of having to tell someone before someone else!
  • hehe that's what i think!

    i would actually love to tell my family after 20 weeks if we have found out the sex (if i could hide it that long) but i know it would be too tempting to say something or it might be obvious before then! although if got bfp this/next month then i could hide under baggy winter clothes come november time!!

  • sorry to hear that Mrs e, hope you get a bfp soon x

    i'd like to wait till 12 weeks but hubby is worse than a woman and i just know he'll tell everyone. he's rubbish with secrets and he loves a bit of gossip. he buys me the heat magazine every week then takes it off me so he can read the gossip.
    i think i'll be quite good at keeping it quiet but i can just see him now with a dopey grin on his face making it obvious for people to guess. lol
  • Tasha - I think that's what my hubby would be like too!! In fact I might have to keep it secret from him! lol!!!

    mrs_e, good plan. I think I'd rather be pregnant over winter than summer - but then I do love the idea of dressing a baby up in snuggly winter clothes....I just want a baby!!!
  • I didnt tell until after my 12week scan with ds2 and dd. So was going to wait with last time too, sadly mc at 10weeks. It was hard because I hadnt told anyone outside of here, so didnt feel able to say to everyone 'oh hey, i was pg but now Im not!' If Im lucky enough to get another bfp, I really dont know what I would do. I would still like to wait, but not sure I could go thru that alone again if something went wrong. Its so hard not being able to talk to family/close friends about what happened, so I really dont know what I would do! lol! xxx
  • i think when we get a bfp (note..when, not if..PMA and all that.) we will try and wait unitl at least the first scan..but i know it would be really diffcult not to tell people.
  • Everyone I know knows that I'm doing the donor AI so I'd have to tell everyone straight away-my parents first then a group text I think!!
    I went into work on my hols yesterday(to get weighed on the ward scales)and the first person I saw said 'I had a dream about you last night-you were pg-are you?' LOL!!!xx
  • crikey thats strange hjanea!!!! do they even know tou are ttc? i am so crap at keeping secrets especially good ones i would probably tell everyone i think as i would feel like i was going to burst xxx good luck all fingers crossed lots of baby dust to all x
  • Hi Chloe, yes she does know I am ttc.xxx
  • lol oh !! thought she had some sort of premonition lol xxx
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