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resisting the urge....

heya ladies, im really resisting the urge to test before sat/sun this time as AF is due around then. YET i have really sore nips/boobs and am peeing like a racehorse! lol. no water infection so hope its preg related, i feel like i have a super heavy tummy and have increased CM every time i wipe (sorry TMI). Really hope we've done it after 4 long months hehe x


  • Good Luck and i hope this month is the one for you !
    I dont have any of those symtoms although OH is convinced my boobs are growing !!!
  • dont do it hun, wait until the monday. We said we would as we are going away this weekend for our 1st anniversaey, but i had an urge this morning and it was a BFN....

    Sending you lots of luck xxx
  • Its your 1st Wedding Anniversary too? Spoke to someone here the other day whos 1st Anniversary it is aswell !!
    How weird!
  • I'm in exactly the same boat as you! I am going to try and wait until Sunday morning to test unless af arrives!! Good luck with waiting!!x
  • lock the tests away..resist the temptaition--easier said than done right.!
  • Please wait until Sunday / Monday time - I had these symptoms last month and AF arrived 8 days late! If you wait you have more chance of getting BFP - I do hope it's your month xx
  • sounds good hun, i would wait a few more days to test though!

    and it was me who said it's my wedding anniversary monday as well!! woohoo! let's hope we all get a very special present image

    good luck to all xx
  • test test test. you know you want to!
    plus if its bfn you keep testing til its a bfp. symptoms sound promising. good luck.
    Filo x (ex poas queen)
  • Filo - stop it!! lol!! We are trying to stop her! xx
  • hehehehe why???
    need more to joint the poas addicts club
    Filo x
  • reverse physcology eh?!! lolxx
  • hehe!! If they are anything like me the 1st month they will POAS!!
  • have resisted the urge so far ladies! my boobs are so achey lately!! am waiting as long as i can x
  • I've resisted to,was so close to doing one this morning but stopped myself!! Keep on resisting!!x
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