EWCM question


Is EWCM after ovulation a symptom of pregnancy. I thought I read that in someone's symptom-spotting post and I'm wondering why this would be a sign? AF is due tomorrow and I have a dull pain in my lower abdomen and have had lots of EWCM in the last week (don't usually have this) and a very slight pink-spotting a couple of days ago. Had lots of PMA yesterday but my sore tummy makes me feel that AF is on her way and I've started manically, last minute symptom-spotting :roll: !


  • I am sure EWCM is a symptom but also occurs before AF. I am also symptom spotting like mad and it does make you go a little crazy! I am also due AF tomoorow so I think we will just have to test and see what happens!
    Good luck and let us know your result xx
  • I dont know why this is the case but some people do have an increase in cm during pregnancy (hormones i think) normally before af your cm more or less dries up! Im keeping my fingers crossed that its a good sign for you and the pink spotting could have been implantation!! Good luck hun xxxx
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