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OH is frustrating me!!!!!!!! :x

I'm a cross between frustrated and p'ed off!

My OH works nights, and is obviously tired a lot of the time. We bd'd Saturday and Tuesday. The plan was to then bd yesterday, but he had an upset stomach (I know not his fault, but still frustrating as (TMI) I had EWCM, and what appeared to be ov bleed (never had before)). He says to me, we'll bd twice tomorrow...I said not necessarily how it works, but ok!

So he comes in from work this morning, He says I'm going to look at a few bits on the computer, then....he's fallen asleep!! :roll: He promised me a bd, and he's fallen a-bloody-sleep!!

I know he's tired, but I've had a little :cry: I'm sure it isn't happening for us this month. The previous 3 months, I haven't worried that we haven't bd'd enough. But I'm not feeling confident now. PMA wasn't very high to start with! I realise he maybe doesn't understand enough how the timing is important. But I've never had a problem persuading him to bd before!

If you have, thanks for reading my rant. Just needed to get it off my chest! :roll: xx


  • Oh no, get that pma back, wake him up in a naughty way maybe?
    I totally get where you're coming from, my dh eats really late and always moans that I want to bd straight after he's had his dinner (which is bed time for me).
    You were meant to ov wed weren't you? Lets hope there was a nice supply up there to catch it!

    Lots of babydust. x
  • Im sorry to hear your feeling fed up! I really dont think men truely understand how tiny the window of opportunity is to be able to get pregnant! Im sure they just think you can get pregnant whenever!!!! Dont give up hope yet as you say in the past you felt that you bd enough but you didnt get your bfp so maybe this time you will because you just caught it at the right time! fingers crossed for you hun, hope you feel a bit more positive soon. xxxx
  • I thought I ov'd yesterday due to the ewcm, pain in left ovary and brown in cm (only once). But it could be today, did 2 ov sticks yesterday, and didn't get a +ve.

    I realise I haven't been ttc long, OH is wanting a baby as much as me and he needs to sleep...BUT still flipping frustrated! lol We probably will bd later, let's hope it's a sluggish egg, that wants to hang around, and his swimmers are hanging on in there! OMG what do we talk about?!

    Thanks for replying. xx
  • Well thats a good sign that you havent missed the boat then if you havent had a + on ovk yet! Are you gonna test again today? xx
  • sorry to here that, he sounds just like my OH. hes always tired, he does do alot of excercise but him sleeping all the time has always been a problem for me and now its an even bigger problem, i have to tell him in advance and try to keep him awake. i hate scheduled sex but cant be helped x x x x
  • I'm just not sure abour opk's! I wanted to test this month (apart from the fact they were free) when I got ewcm, and it was -ve. So gives me hope I ov later than when the symptoms come on. But I could have still missed that window now, or the opk's are rubbish, as just ebay cheapies!

    But I am off work today, so will POAS later! xx
  • How long are your cycles and what cd did you start testing? xx
  • My cycles since coming off the pill at the end of March have been 30, 33 and 29 days. I got ewcm on CD 16 last cycle. I started testing on CD 10 (now on CD 16) with ewcm yesterday, but I haven't done it daily. I tested in the afternoon and evening yesterday. I think I may be heading for a 28-29 day cycle. But will test at 33 days if af doesn't show. But think she will. xx
  • Ohhh thats risky not testing every day! I couldnt do that cause i would drive myself mad wondering if i had missed it! lol. Lets hope that today or tomorrow will be ov for you, good luck, sending you some of my spare pma. xxxx
  • Oh hun I can see how that must be so frustrating! Try and keep your PMA up though you never know, loads of people get BFP's when they are convinced they've not done it that month! Fingers crossed you havent missed ov and you get your BFP this month!

  • Thanks debbie and Beth. I am confident I know when I ov without the sticks. It's just getting OH to bd, that is the problem! I will POAS soon, and see what happens.

    I know you are right, sometimes when you least expect it, it might happen. Thanks for the PMA! xx
  • sorry to hear you have the same probem as me x I also don't think I O so at least you have that on your side if you get signs etc. My DH also says he will the next day and misses the point of the whole 'window of opportunity'. It frustrates the hell out of me aswell as making me emotional. Then other times he can be thoughtful but at the wrong time, eg I'm taking progesterone to bring on my missing af and after BD'ing my DH said I was losing the swimmers as I went straight to the toilet!!!! I don't think they have a clue! I have no advice as I have the same issue but hope that things improve for us both hun xxx
  • Thanks Porky. My OH usually isn't this bad. He was awake earlyish yesterday morning, had a couple of hours sleep, woke up with an upset stomach, went to work...and I expect him to bd when he gets in the door this morning. lol

    I think the worst bit was him saying we were going to, and going back on it! Never mind, maybe later! ;\) xx
  • My DH is usually that bad, eeek. He does work really hard but we've let things slip I guess and it's hard work to increase it 'naturally'. My DH doesn't seem to live up to his promises either so when he turns me down and says tomorrow then I get even worse too! We have tried harder but as my cycles are a mess then it needs to be constant and not when I think I O. Wish I could just go for it in a week and then wait, boo hoo! Fingers crossed for later xxx
  • Thanks hun. It is difficult to bd every other day, if you don't bd as much as that normally. If you have irregular cycles, it is difficult to keep going for some all month! Then you add in shift work, or children, or life in general! xx
  • Oh men!

    Mithical you need to bring out the big guns! Why don't you get dressed up and wake him up (I know it's hard to do on a fri afternoon).

    I've lost faith in OPT's this month. Like you am pretty sure when I OV but also haven't had a +ve at all. Don't think I'll use them again.

    Good luck!

  • I'm not waking him yet. Don't want to get turned down! lol I'm sure he'll be ok later. xx
  • Just POAS, still no LH surge!!!!! :x xx
  • It's almost as crap as a BFN isn't it? I think it's all a load of bollocks to make you spend more money. Have faith in your knowledge of your own body. x
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