Could I be pregnant???? UPDATE

I need your advice girls!! I've just done a sainsburys preg test and it came up with 2 lines, but one is a lot fainter than the other, the leaflet says 2 distinct lines = pregnant, 1 distinct and 1 faint line mean probably pregnant! What does that I or not!!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH

The thing is, I only came off the pill in May, haven't had a period yet, but wasn't feeling any symptoms of pregnancy just thought I ought to test before going out and buying AC, I also have PCOS so thought I'd have loads of problems and it wouldn't happen quickly, cos of all this I'm inclined to think its not true but what does everyone else think???

Should I go out and buy a better preg test, and has anyone had false readings, cos its definately not 2 distinct lines, but the 2nd one is there!!!!

AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH don't know what to think!!!!


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  • Sounds like you are pg as I thought ANY line means you are no matter how strong.

    Congratulations! Get a Clearblue Digital though and then you will believe it once you see it in writing!

    I got my bfp straight after coming off pill (unfortunately mc at 9 weeks) I also have pcos (having tests to confirm next week)so it can be done!

  • hi rach - look at Beth's post about sainsburys pg tests - and read my experience. it sounds like it is a positive to me hun!

  • Really? I'm still tempted to think I'm not as I've spent my entire life since AF's started at 13 thinking I can't have kids cos they were so messed up! Plus OH and I haven't been doing that much BDing although we did manage it on days that I had CM and some pain there as well, so maybe.........oooh I'm going to go out and buy a clear blue tonight although will be gutted if it says I'm not!

    Thanks for your thoughts Baby B x
  • just seen your post mrs_e, keep your fingers crossed for me that its true!!!!!
  • let us know how you get on.
    sounds like good news x
  • make sure you tell us what CB digital says! good luck! xx
  • I really hope you are it certainly sounds like it. I'd wait till tmw and do another one...Good Luck x
  • Hi Rach - I know how you feel. My af's were months and months apart before I went on the pill and it was a nightmare. But straight after coming off I ov'd on cd 35 and got pregnant! I really hope you have done it hun (I really think you have!!)

    Now go and get your CB Digi...!
  • well, I woke up at 5am needing a pee so did a CB digital test and got a BFP on that as well!!!!!!!!! Haven't been able to get back to sleep as I can't believe its real!! Plus hubby is out at the moment fishing and isn't due back til 11am so I can't tell him!

    Am going to book a doc appointment on monday, I'm quietly excited but trying not to get my hopes up too much as I'm a bit of a pessimist and the test says that ovarian cysts can cause false results (ihave pcos) and I think it must be quite early days so don't want to start singing from the rooftops in case I mc either, so here's a quiet yay, yay, I think I'm preggers!!!!!!!

    Good luck to all you ladies ttc, sending baby dust your way!

  • Congratulations Rach. Do you know when you will be due ? Good luck. Hope you have a happy sticky nine months x
  • hi congratulations!! let us know how the doctors appointment goes.
    hubbys,what are they like?mines out fishing now too :lol:
  • Congratulations!!! I dont have pcos but I did concieve lo 5 days after stopping the pill so it can be done. Hope the dr has good news for
  • Thanks girls! Haven't really got a clue when I'll be due, will have to sit down with hubby and try and work it out!

    iwantanotherpls - does your hubby drive you mad with his fishing??? Our kitchen (of all places!) is full of his fishing gear, although he only does the friday night now and about one weekend a month, which is a lot better then when I met him and he used to go about 5 times a week!!!!!!
  • Perhaps you need a shed?!
  • We already have 2!!!!! He's a tree surgeon so he's got chipper, chainsaws and so much flippin equipment the sheds are overflowing and he even keeps some chainsaws in the kitchen!!! I keep having a go at him, telling him its unhygenic etc but he's never got round to doing anything about it!!!!!!

    He'll have to now though as we can't have a baby crawling around amongst all that mess!!!
  • I don't think that's right that PCOS can cause false positives on hpk's...

    I know it can on opk's as your LH might be too high all the time or have false peaks. But hpk's only detect hcg hormone which only shows if you are pregnant. I have never heard of a false positive on a hpk. Don't worry about that - you are pregnant! Congratulations again.

  • Congratulations!! U can find out your due date on some websites. why not go on google and type in due date calendar now u just need to go to doctors to confirm! image
  • yeahh!!!! congrats.
    i can't see pcos giving you a false reading on a bfp.

    theres hope for me yet then ( i got pcos too)
  • Congratulations Rach. Hope it's a h&h pg. xx
  • congratulations, lots of sticky babydust for you image
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