how do you do it?

when i had my little girl i wasnt really trying she just came along but this time round we are actually trying and im now on month 8 of no af as i came off the pill in nov and every month i end up convincing my self that this could be the month that it happens so every month i do a test and i get a bfn i dunno how you ladies do it month after month its getting me down and i have a beautiful little gril already how on earth do you stay so positive?


  • i was wondering the same thing and im only in my first month. i know ill be dissapointed if im not pregnant but i also know i would be extremely lucky to catch on in the first month. good luckx
  • Dunno, I guess you have no choice but to plough on.

    I had mmc 5 weeks ago and some days I wonder how my heart hasn't just stopped beating through sadness but other days I feel more hopeful, I remember how amazing it felt to get that bfp and that keeps me going as I want that feeling again so badly. x
  • its only my 2nd month and last month i wasn't that bothered by it as i knew it was the first month and prob wouldn't happen but this month i really want it to and just hoping it does!
  • I'm on month 10 ttc and just found out i have PCOS. I am gradually loosing faith and don't think its ever gonna happen. I keep seeing newbies come and go with BFP's and think why can't it be me. Don't get me wrong i'm happy for them but when you've been in limbo land for 10 months without even a af its heart breaking. . Sxx
  • im onto month 6 now, its pretty stressful i must admit, im 38 now and ttc our first, it often worries me if weve left it too late xx
  • i cant say much me cos i am really low on the pma at the mo.. we have been ttc since nov 07, i am 34 now trying for no4!! i know i can still get pg because i had mc last march its just can i hold onto them anymore? xxx
  • Tell me about it ladies. I am going insane here. Its month 9 and I was four days late this month (normally quite regular) so as you can imagine my brain was going into overdrive and I convinced myself I was pregnant. Got BFN on Saturday, then on Sunday af arrived. Gutted... don't know how to carry on... Seriously considering hypnotism or something to try and change my feeling of being a complete failure... How do we carry on?
  • Hang in there ladies. It took me 18mths to conceive my LO. Then started tring for number 2. Had a false positive test in 1st month(thats why i joined here), had mc 2 months after that, then another 3 months after that.
    I wondered why it kept happening as i had a child already. kept seeing new ladies get a bfp and although happy for them felt crap it wasnt me. I turned into a poas addict and spent a fortune on pg and ov tests.
    On my 6th month of trying and finding out my dad has terminal cancer i conceived after my mc.
    Keep up the pma ladies you will get there in the end, and in the meantime come on here and support each other, share storeis etc. I always found it really useful knowing others were going through same/similar things.
    Take care ladies and bags of babydust and PMA sent in cyberspace.
    Filo x
  • Argh thanks Filo, i really miss you on here, hope the pg is going well.
  • Argh thanks Filo, i really miss you on here, hope the pg is going well.
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