Do I have PCOS?

Going insane here ladies. Just got a af after being four days late. Obviously I was really excited and thought we'd done it this time but NO! Now I've got the worse af ever - really painful. And am wondering if something is wrong. Normally afs only differ by a day or two each month, but this month it was four days. Is that a bad sign? With all this pain... I have suffered from spots in the past and am quite hairy so now I'm worrying I have PCOS. Not overweight or spotty at the moment though.

Thing is I already have acupuncture and eat really well. Don't drink much. What more can I do???

Gutted. So sad and in pain and feel like a failure. It's been 9 months and I'm surrounded by people who keep falling in the first month of trying or by accident. Not sure I can carry on...


  • hiys didnt want to r&r but i dont know nothing about his sorry just thought i would offer you some pma and babydust and hopefully your time will come, it might just be all the stress of ttc thats making you feel this way xx
  • Hi
    I suffered with PCOS (but managed to conceive and now have 6 month old girl).
    I can't say for sure if you have PCOS but I can let you know the symptoms I had if that helps:
    I never suffered with it until coming off the pill as ttc
    My af became very irregular - once not having one for 6 months (which did not help with ttc at all)!!!!!!!
    I put weight on, got bad skin but I did not suffer with too much excess hair.
    I had various blood test and was referred to hospital to have further blood tests and to be booked in for scan on ovaries. My tests showed some irregularities with my pituitary gland (balances your hormones).
    In the meantime I was prescribed Metformin (a diabetes drug) to help my insulin imbalance (you get this with PCOS hence the weight gain)
    I went on a low GI diet, and excercised and managed to lose about 10lbs.
    Oh and I slowed down the bd as we thought it would not happen - and then guess what - got a bfp!
    Did not have the scan on ovaries as got pregnant. Now my af back to normal (thank God).
    Your af doesn't sound too irregular so I would wait for at least a couple of cycles before you go to the doctor - like I said I once waited 6 months for mine! It could just be stress taking it's toll on your body.
    I'm sure it will happen for you one day. It took us over 12 months but we got there in the end. Mainly due to us taking the pressure off ourselves!!
    Good luck xx
  • Hi just found out i have pcos and don't know if you have but my symptons were no af for 7 months after stopping pill then a light one now another 3 months and nothing. Put weight on since coming off pill and bad acne. Had bloods and scan and now on Metfromin. Not concieved as yet. As ccbmommy said your cycles don't sounds to bad at mo so i would wait a couple more cycles til you go to docs and see what happens from then,, good luck.
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