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This is nothing to do with babies but it has upset me and left me worried.

My hubby's uncled died a few months ago now and peter was really cut up about it. Anyway last night he had a dream he was in his parents house and his uncle was there and he was having a cuppa tea, Peter was really scared and was like what are you doing here you are dead and then his uncle said yeah I know, come on it's time to go. Then Peter ran upstairs and hit under the cover in a bed.

Now I am really worried the dreams means something? Am i being really silly. The fact he said come on lets go is like he is talking to my hubby saying he wants to take him?

K xx


  • God this is realy scary, i dont think it means anything, ive had dreams where my grandad and OH's grandad have said that to me, and i woke up thinking OMG! am i gonna die some time soon, that was a year ago, i dont think it means anything so dont worry, i think loads of people get dreams like this, i also remember having dream like this when i was little when my great nana died, i think its just a longing for them because we miss them so much, hope this eases your mind a little

  • hi
    i like looking at what dreams mean and usually the meaning of them is nothing to do with what the dream is actually about. i always dream about my dad (he died last year).
    i've looked in my dreams book for you (yes i am that sad i have a book, lol) and this is what it could mean


    To see your dead sibling, relative, or friend alive in your dream, indicates that you miss them and are trying to relive your old experiences you had with them. In trying to keep up with the pace of your daily waking life, you dreams may serve as your only outlet in coping and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.


    To dream about the death of a loved one, suggests that you are lacking a certain aspect or quality that the loved one embodies. Ask yourself what makes this person special or what do you like about him. It is that very quality that you are lacking in your own relationship or circumstances. Alternatively, it indicates that whatever that person represents has no part in your own life.

    To dream of your own death, indicates a transitional phase in your life. You are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Alternatively, you are trying desperately to escape the demands of your daily life.

    don't worry hun. i know what you mean sometimes a dream sticks with me all day and really plays on my mind. mad really. thats why i like looking them up.

    hope this helps x
  • That is the most obvious reading of it. But dreams aren't that straight forward. It could be indicating some other change like becoming a parent! I wouldn't worry about it! xx
  • i always was told that dreams of death indicate a new life? scary never the less !! xx :\?
  • Hi girls

    Thank you all so much I feel so much better now. I have been a little upset about it deep down all day but I am pleased to hear others have gone through that as wel.

    I missed my hubby so much just being away from him for three days I think the thought of really losing him would kill me.

    Thank you, it really has put my mind at ease :0-)

    K xx
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